Trinka Ai Review: Best Grammar Checker Free Online (2021)

Trinka Ai Review: Best Grammar Checker Free Online (2021)

3 Ways to Integrate Trinka Ai

Strengthen all your team for better writing. Trinka Ai users get unlimited access as well as attractive benefits. You choose the most suitable integration option for your needs.

i. Get Trinka JS: You can enable Trinka Ai for all members of your team with a short JavaScript (JS) code snippet in your browser or any other application. Avoid the need for complex integration and get the power of Trinka with this easy-to-use feature.

o Simple integration: All you need to do is insert a small JavaScript snippet into your application. This will allow your users to start writing better with Trinka. o Safe and secure: All your data is stored in an encrypted environment. Trinka JS works in real-time and does not store anything on the server.
o Unmatched flexibility: JS Snippet is easy to use and resilient. It scales easily with your growing team and business.

ii. Get Trinka API: Trinka’s powerful API helps you easily integrate into any application. It is easy to use provides high reliability and scalability.

  • Robust API: Trinka API offers high service availability so that a writer can get the support he or she needs at any time.
  • API customizations: Trinka is highly customizable which is unmatched in meeting the needs of a writer.
  • Unmatched flexibility: Powerful API is easy to use and resilient. The Trinka scale matches the scale of your product.

iii. Get Trinka On-Premise: Trinka On-Premise is the best solution for you when dealing with highly sensitive data. Using Trinka to make it work for you in your enterprise infrastructure is readily available.
The followings are vivid in this case.
a. Dedicated support.
b. Safe and secure.
c. Unmatched flexibility.

With easy integration and dedicated support services, Trinka easily compares to your organization’s growing team and business.

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