Trinka Ai Review: Best Grammar Checker Free Online (2021)

Trinka Ai Review: Best Grammar Checker Free Online (2021)

Accept and Ignore All

Trinka makes it easy to correct spelling or not want to see any suggestions for documents again. All such suggestions can be accepted or ignored with just one click.

Trinka Ai

Consistency Check

Trinka Ai is designed to check to eliminate any writing inconsistency with one click. The time-saving feature eliminates inconsistent spelling which allows a writer to be confident that the spelling of each word is correct.

Trinka Ai  Consistency check

Personal Dictionary

Your writing experience may be personalized with your own dictionary. Many times many words may not be used in Trinka Ai. In that case, Trinka Ai will remember as many words as you want to add to your dictionary.

Trinka Ai personal dictionary
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