Trinka Ai Review: Best Grammar Checker Free Online (2021)

Trinka Ai Review: Best Grammar Checker Free Online (2021)

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Best Grammer Checker Trainka Ai

When you write about a subject in English though it is your mother tongue, you can often make spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. These mistakes are easily visible to the viewer. This can be deduced from the message you are giving in your post. The grammar mistakes posted are extremely embarrassing. These mistakes can sometimes be difficult to correct. TRINKA Ai is the best online grammar checker to correct these mistakes.

Enago, a global language, and technology solutions company, announced the launch of Trinka as the world’s most advanced AI writing assistant designed for academic, scientific, technical, and business writing. Source: April 2, 2020, New York.

Trinka is a software that checks your grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in seconds. Once you have written content, you need to copy-paste it or upload it from Google Docs or One Drive. First, you have to select the language of the post on your blog and then click on the “Check Grammar” button. In less than ten seconds, you’ll see your mistakes highlighted in red with explanations for correcting them.

A significant aspect of the Trinka Ai service is that they are available completely free of charge. It also has a paid version. If you want a professional-looking article without spending money on editing software then it is wise to use Trinka Ai.

Review of trinka ai

Review of Trinka Ai

Trinka AI identifies errors in any content where other services are missed. It can detect and correct more than 3,000 complex grammatical errors, including scientific tone, style, and grammar. It can help to improve the structure, tone, vocabulary, and grammar of the sentences located in the content so that you can be a good Article Writer.

What is Trinka Ai

Trinka Ai is called the next generation of article writers. Using it makes your writing interesting by correcting grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, vocabulary usage, sentence structure, etc., which helps the viewer or reader to read accurately. It has a special algorithm for identifying and correcting grammatical errors and does not take much time to do so.

Trinka Ai is a Full Free enterprise

Trinka is the first writing assistant which provides all its features free of charge. Unlike all such services, Trinka Ai not only provides its basic features but also confirms that every part offered on our platform can be used without any limits instead of its. Using this service is the best part for the users. It also has a premium version with all the features of the basic version and unlimited monthly usage, five credits auto file editing, and access to new features.

Trinka Ai


With Trinka Ai, the following beneficiaries can easily edit any content.

  • Blogger
    Schools and universities
    Professors and academics
  • Media and newsroom
    Copywriter and Content Marketer
    Anyone who writes in English
    Prep room

Advantages of Trinka Ai:

The benefits of using Trinka Ai are as follows:
i. One of the best features of Trinka Ai is that it is very easy to use which makes your guesswork easier.
ii. It can be used as an effective grammar checker.
iii. It can be easily installed on Chrome extensions.
iv. Live-grammar can be turned on in this plug-in.
v. Trinka Ai can check if you copy and paste any other content exactly.
vi. It finds errors more easily than other such services.
vii. It helps you find complex grammar, scientific tone, or style errors very easily.
viii. It improves writing beyond grammar and spelling.
ix. It advises you to make relevant corrections to your topic.

Key Features of Trinka Ai

Trinka Ai is the world’s first technical method of identifying and correcting grammatical errors, spelling errors that make your writing accurate and beautiful to the reader. It works with the author and ensures overall language growth by going beyond grammar and spelling verification.

Academic writings should be readable, objective, formal, clear, and concise for the reader. The following
features of Trinka Ai help you to use it effectively.
i. Word choice
ii. Advanced spelling
iii. Advanced grammar
iv. Sentence structure
v. Usage and style
vi. US/UK style

Key features of trinka ai

Powerful Grammar and Spelling Checks

Academic writing must be clear, concise, formal, objective, and readable. The overall improvement of Trinker allows you to communicate with confidence.

Trinka Ai spelling checks

Auto File Edit

MS Word documents can be uploaded in seconds. If Trinka Ai is assigned to correct all tasks, you will see that it will automatically present your text as a track change on the screen in order to correct errors in your content. Before downloading your file, you can see that the texts in the file are correct. That’s why you don’t have to install plug-ins or software because everything is done with this efficient and excellent service.

Accept and Ignore All

Trinka makes it easy to correct spelling or not want to see any suggestions for documents again. All such suggestions can be accepted or ignored with just one click.

Trinka Ai

Consistency Check

Trinka Ai is designed to check to eliminate any writing inconsistency with one click. The time-saving feature eliminates inconsistent spelling which allows a writer to be confident that the spelling of each word is correct.

Trinka Ai  Consistency check

Personal Dictionary

Your writing experience may be personalized with your own dictionary. Many times many words may not be used in Trinka Ai. In that case, Trinka Ai will remember as many words as you want to add to your dictionary.

Trinka Ai personal dictionary

Download with Track Changes

The track-modified file is very easy to download and you can review the downloaded file in MS Word whenever you like.

Trinka Ai  track changes

Trinka Ai Review

Others Features

  • 3000+ grammar checks
  • Tone & style enhancements
  • Advanced writing tips
  • Works on all subjects
  • Detailed Explanations & Tips
  • MS Word Plug-in
  • Academic Style Guides
  • Technical Spelling
  • Personal Dictionary
  • Word Choice
  • Technical Phrasing
  • Browser Plug-ins
  • Advanced Grammar Checks
  • Academic Tone
  • Word Count Reduction
  • Vague Language
  • Advanced Grammar
  • Usage and Style
  • Sentence Structure
  • US/UK Style
  • Unbiased Language
  • Advanced Spelling
  • Detailed Explanations
  • Academic Writing Enhancement
  • Publication Readiness Check
  • Auto File Edit
  • Track Change Download


Trinka Ai Pricing

3 Ways to Integrate Trinka Ai

Strengthen all your team for better writing. Trinka Ai users get unlimited access as well as attractive benefits. You choose the most suitable integration option for your needs.

i. Get Trinka JS: You can enable Trinka Ai for all members of your team with a short JavaScript (JS) code snippet in your browser or any other application. Avoid the need for complex integration and get the power of Trinka with this easy-to-use feature.

o Simple integration: All you need to do is insert a small JavaScript snippet into your application. This will allow your users to start writing better with Trinka. o Safe and secure: All your data is stored in an encrypted environment. Trinka JS works in real-time and does not store anything on the server.
o Unmatched flexibility: JS Snippet is easy to use and resilient. It scales easily with your growing team and business.

ii. Get Trinka API: Trinka’s powerful API helps you easily integrate into any application. It is easy to use provides high reliability and scalability.

  • Robust API: Trinka API offers high service availability so that a writer can get the support he or she needs at any time.
  • API customizations: Trinka is highly customizable which is unmatched in meeting the needs of a writer.
  • Unmatched flexibility: Powerful API is easy to use and resilient. The Trinka scale matches the scale of your product.

iii. Get Trinka On-Premise: Trinka On-Premise is the best solution for you when dealing with highly sensitive data. Using Trinka to make it work for you in your enterprise infrastructure is readily available.
The followings are vivid in this case.
a. Dedicated support.
b. Safe and secure.
c. Unmatched flexibility.

With easy integration and dedicated support services, Trinka easily compares to your organization’s growing team and business.

Fruitful use of Trinka Ai:

i. Trinka Cloud: Trinka Cloud is the easiest and most convenient way to write anywhere. Trinka will never be on the author’s side with real-time revisions. The web editor has all the features you need for effective writing, as well as an auto-save feature that automatically saves your work.

So it is always available on any device. When saving file transfers you can import or export documents from other programs with just one click on the Trinka Cloud’s simple interface. Standard formatting options such as bolding text and italicizing sound as needed. You can import or export documents from other programs with just one click through our simple interface.

Standard formatting options such as bolding text and italicize sound as needed when saving file transfers. Trinka Cloud allows users to type effectively without worrying about further editing because we have a built-in spell checker that instantly checks and corrects spelling errors.

ii. Trinka for Microsoft Word: Trinka is said to be an accurate writing assistant. As soon as you start typing in a Microsoft Word document, you will find a helpful guide called Trinka where you don’t have to worry about grammatical errors or spelling mistakes.

iii. Usage of Trinka in Several Browsers: Trinka helps to write accurately anywhere, anytime. You can use Trinka as a browser extension of your choice. Trinka corrects errors in real-time with Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox and automatically verifies all changes where you have no errors. Trinka has to plug in MS Word for automatic checks which never stops throughout the whole process.

iv. Trinka for Enterprise: Trinka Enterprise is one of the best writing enterprises that are always ready, to give the most solutions. It gives you unlimited access to a wide range of integrations tailored to your needs and also offers attractive benefits. Through Trinker, each member of the team helps to gain important experience in the language.

User Satisfaction:

Users may satisfy using Trinka because OF checking grammar and spells in an accurate form.

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