50 Travel Hacks That Will Save You Money, Space, And Time

50 Travel Hacks That Will Save You Money, Space, And Time

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Recently, travel hacks and backpacking enthusiasts, as well as hiking tracks, in general, have become very popular for travelers.

Not only do travel hacks save you a lot of money, but they can also reduce the amount of stress you may experience on a nationwide or international tour.

The best travel hacks do the right thing of packing, creating a surplus of entertainment onboard, helping you book a cheap flight and plan your trip.

As a result, travel hacks will make your next trip the best adventure of your life.

Travel Hacks:

Table of Contents

1. Create More Space By Rolling Clothes

It always seems that you do not have enough space in your luggage when packing for a great ride.

However, one of the top travel hacks for packing is to roll your clothes instead of folding them.

Simply roll each item into a small tube and you will save a surprising amount of space. Furthermore, rolling your clothes will prevent crunching and ugly crayons.

2. Pack Just Half Your Toiletries

Your lightweight backpacking list should not contain bottled bottles of grooming products and toiletries. Instead, simply pack enough to stay overnight.

You probably have a lot of “beauty” products. If you are running out, buy a small bottle of conditioner or shampoo.

3. Avoid Packing Bulky Clothes

This is one of the most important travel hacks so far. If you do not plan to travel to Siberia or climb Mount McKinley, leave the heavy coat at home.

Instead, try layers of fabrics and “smart” clothing choices such as flannel, lightweight cardigans, and waterproof jackets.

4. Pack A Small Bottle Of Hand Washing Detergent

You never know when you will have the opportunity to wash your dirty clothes while traveling.

Sometimes you need to wash your underwear and socks to stay clean and fresh.

Be sure to pack a small bottle of hand-washing detergent for this national event.

5. Transfer Fragrance Into Small Spray Bottle

Instead of carrying oversized perfume or aftershave bottles, try shaping down into a small plastic spray bottle. Not only does this save your space but it will also eliminate breakage.

Simply pour your perfume or aftershave into a durable plastic bottle in the shape of an antiseptic spray.

6. Stuff Your Shoes And Wrap Them

You can save some packing space by filling the shoes with your socks. Likewise, attach your shoe to a shower cap or plastic bag to help protect your clothes.

7. Use A Pill Box For Tiny Items

Pillboxes are awesome travel kits, you can stuff all the little items you need.

For example, it will contain jewelry, safety pins, bobby pins, tiny batteries, paper clips, thumbtacks, and other contents.

8. Place A Dryer Sheet Into Your Bag

Usually, your clothes start to smell like dirty socks after traveling for a few days.

On the other hand, keeping a dryer sheet in your bag to get rid of the odor is the best travel hack.

In fact, a dryer sheet will keep your clothes smelling fresh throughout your travels. If you don’t like dryer sheets, there are more natural selections on the market.

Besides, you can make your own with some cotton balls and essential oils such as orange, lemon, lavender or geranium and a touch of white vinegar.

9. Purchase A Portable Power Bank

There’s nothing worse than dying your phone while you’re traveling.

And to say it all off, a dead phone means that you have no way of saving important or calling home to let everyone know you have arrived safely.

A power bank is actually one of the ultimate travel hacks to save you a lot of stress. The device acts as an external battery that only charges with the use of a USB connector.

10. Book All Your Flights While On The Go

One of the best apps for last-minute flight deals is Skyscanner, a very useful app that compares every airline for you.

However, do not book the cheapest flight available to you.

These airlines will lead you to third parties like Travelocity or Expedia, due to the commission which will cost more.

Instead, go straight to the site yourself and book your flight.

11. Get Cheaper Airline Flights With Private Browsing

Often times, travel sites and airlines record your browsing history by installing cookies in your browser.

These companies know how often you visit their site and your frequent visits usually lead to higher prices.

In fact, rising prices are used to drive you into buying persuasion.

On the other hand, you can operate the system using privacy mode or “private browsing” or “incognito mode”.

To use private browsing, simply disable your browsing history and clear the web cache.

This allows you to browse the web without storing local data which can be retrieved at a later date via travel sites and airlines.

12. Download Your Own Personal Arrival And Departure Board

Often, to see the exit board, you will need to do a few yoga poses to see it.

On the other hand, you can feel comfortable at the airport bar and you have to leave to find a board that shows your departure time.

Then again, instead of a constant inconvenience, you can download the flight board to your phone. The app lets you see the departure and arrival times of each airline.

13. Preventing Jet Lag

Today, evidence suggests that practice increases the level of enthusiasm in people with jet lag.

Although there is no indication of what type of exercise is best for jet lag, most experts agree that jogging or yoga such as light to moderate exercise can work wonders.

In addition, according to the Washington Post, exercise can help with travel fatigue.

14. Mark Your Baggage As Fragile

Often your luggage is either damaged or returned damaged. To avoid losing luggage, simply mark your luggage as fragile.

In fact, your luggage will be handled with the utmost care or at least properly. In fact, your luggage will probably be on top of the stack in a plane storage bogie.

Not only will your luggage avoid being tossed and torn away at the top but you will probably get your luggage first.

15. Safeguard Your Razors To Prevent Injury

One of the most harmful types of cuts to make matters worse, razor bites while traveling can be messy and embarrassing.

Plus, razor cuts can cause a lot of bleeding and damage to everything within reach of your airline’s seat or arm like a carpet.

However, securing a great life that protects your razors and prevents injury is a binder clip. A binder clip or a banker clip can be used to easily cover most razors.

16. Only Pack What You Absolutely Need

If your backpacking adventure includes several destinations, you probably won’t be staying much longer in one place.

To save room and packing time, just take what you wear to each hostel or destination.

This travel hack is very effective, especially when you are late for a bus or your next flight.

17. Never Buy Airport Water Again

Over time, airport restrictions seem to be growing drastically. Often, it seems that you do not have the option of buying airport water at extreme prices

However, you can save a lot of money by bringing an empty bottle to the airport and refilling it after passing through security.

18. Charge Electronic Devices Through A Laptop

One of the most innovative travel hacks is to charge your electronic devices through a Laptop. This is extremely helpful if you forget or lose your wall plug for the charger

Laptop will have a USB connector on the back. Sometimes the USB port is located next to it.

Basically, plug in the USB connector until your device is fully charged.

19. Email A Scan Of Your Passport To Yourself

Including proof that you are important when traveling internationally. This is especially true if you suffer theft or loss.

Just take a screenshot of your passport so it is available on one of your devices. Remember, the screenshot is visible with or without Internet access.

This means that you do not need an internet connection to view a screenshot of your passport.

In fact, it’s one of the most important travel hacks for travelers and travelers alike. You never know when there might be a problem.

20. Book Your Lodgings With Hostelworld

Hostelworld is famous for its spectacular international stay. Their trendy and budget lodging is focused on travelers who want the best in a hostel.

They host various epic events plus connect you to outstanding hostels around the world.

Also, Hostelworld has a new mobile app that makes bookings easy. It includes online storage and built-in maps.

21. Make Sure You Have Skype, WhatsApp, And Viber

Skype, WhatsApp and sibling lifestyle apps that you must have while traveling.

Skype provides video chat and voice calls between different devices. WhatsApp offers instant messaging and Viber lets you make your calls for free.

22. LifeStraw For Safe Water

When traveling, you can never be too careful about drinking water.
In fact, relying on tap water is an easy way to get stomach problems in many countries. Bottled water is a good option but it can be weighty and expensive.

The best solution is to pack a portable water purifier like LifeTraw, Stirpen Ultra or other quality compact water purifiers.

23. Line Your Backpack With A Plastic Bag

It may look strange, but lining your backpack with a plastic garbage bag can extend the life of your gear. A plastic bag protects your backpack from any spills or leaks.

For example, non-tightening blasted pens and bottle caps are often trapped in the pack. Likewise, a plastic bag at the end of the trip can be used for dirty laundry.

24. Try Beeswax To Waterproof Your Things

Beeswax is a great way to make many of your waterproof, like your backpack, slim jacket, Converse shoes, and other items.

Simply buy a stick of beeswax. The cloth you want to waterproof should be flat and needs to be folded inside.

Next, rub the material with a piece of wax. See some similar gray occur. Your material is now water-resistant.

25. Use Tic-Tac Containers And Straws To Transport Spices

When traveling, you don’t just have to eat simple food. You can easily stock your spices and herbs in tic-tac containers or in a straw.

For a straw, heat it to a light end, fill it with spices and repeat to re-seal the process at the other end.

After opening the tip you may want to press some tin foil. For Tic-Tac holders, make sure you wash off the taste of mint.

26. Create Your Own Airline TV

The bad thing about airline TVs is that their selections may not be the best. Instead of relying on the airline’s show selection, you can create your own TV line-up.

First, you need to free up some storage space on your device, TV shows and movies take up a lot of space (several hundred megabytes per show).

Next, download your favorites through iTunes, Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube Red or other digital stores.

The biggest benefit of downloading to your device is that you can view your favorites even when you are offline

Also, use your earphones out of respect and courtesy of others.

27. Buy A “Fake” Wallet To Fool Pickpockets

Get a dummy or fake wallet to fool fools. That way, if the wallet was stolen, nothing would be hurt.

Also, make sure you keep your original wallet somewhere clever and close to you.

The best places to hide your wallet are in a safety belt, a concealed pocket inside a cover, or a scarf with a concealed pocket.

28. Bring An Extension Cable Or Power Strip

If you are planning to stay in a hostel, the plugins may be minimal. Instead of using a plug-in, simply bring an extension cable or power strip.

And since there are so many outlets to share, you will quickly become a flock of everyone.

29. Bulldog Clips Can Protect Your Earphones

A bulldog clip or an alligator clip can be used to extend the life of your earphones.

Basically, use the bulldog clip to twist the cables for easy storage. Plus, the Alligator Clip can help attach your earphones to a pocket, shirt or backpack.

30. Protect Your Cables With Pen Springs

If you only have to disconnect the connections while you’re traveling, try wrapping them in spring with a ballpoint pen.

Remove the spring from the pen. Fit the extended end of the spring to one end of the cable (the end meets the plug). Gently spring air around the wire.

Tie the end of the other spring with a plus so it doesn’t go up or down. When the cable is ready to be used, simply remove the spring.

31. Hack Into The Best WiFi Available

Having a good internet connection while traveling can be rather intimidating. Instead of being overwhelmed, look for a first-class lounge while at the airport.

Take a seat and then connect to the free high-speed Internet. Likewise, if you’re on the Boulevard or downtown, sign up for a classy restaurant.

32. Use Google Maps Offline

It’s not realistic to be on the side of an organization just to have a WiFi connection while exploring a region.

Before your trip, you can download the map of life on Google on your phone or tablet and then watch it later without relying on a WiFi signal.

In fact, Google Maps 8 will show distance, travel time, ETA, lane guidance and even mass transit.

33. Use ATMs & Cash Machines To Exchange Local Currency

Instead of trying to locate a national currency office or using a kiosk ATM or cash machine.
An ATM has a much higher price than any kiosk “conveniently” located near the currency exchange bureau or airport luggage carousel.

In fact, most money converters have malicious fees and exchange rates. In fact, your bank’s fees will be much cheaper than other ventures that offer currency exchange.

34. Place Your Rechargeable Batteries In The Fridge

Keeping your battery in the fridge will keep it fresher and extend the shelf life.

In fact, most rechargeable batteries hold up to 90% of their full charge if they are kept in cold temperatures. This means you don’t have to charge very often.

35. Get Numerous Free Things Just For Traveling

Today, there are many companies that are looking for people to try out their products, test their employees and respond.

In exchange, you can get a variety of products, such as free movies, movies, drinks, and other amazing items.

Furthermore, being a market researcher in the country you are traveling to requires minimal work and can actually be a lot of fun.

36. Make Real Travel Friends Via Your Phone

When exploring, meeting travelers is great. However, it can be intimidating and daunting when visiting strangers, meeting new people.

Instead, you can bring some great friends down the road using different apps online.

Backpackers and travel buddies can help you find nearby travelers and test their itinerary.

37. Bring A Box Of Crayons Instead Of Candles

When traveling, you never know when there will be an emergency such as electricity.

Since candles are heavy and take up a lot of space, you might want to consider bringing a box of candles instead.

In fact, a crayon will burn 30 minutes of bright light

Place the crayon in a small container or an id lid. As the point ends, lighten the paper around the crayon using a lighter one. Enjoy!

38. Create An Instant Lantern From A Water Bottle

This useful travel hack will light up the whole house! To make a lantern from a clean water bottle or a milk jug, simply fill the jug with water.

Place your headlamp strap around the jug, pointing the light to the side of the jug.

The light will actually diffuse through the water to create an ideal amount of light to illuminate a house.

39. Create Your Own Mobile Phone Speaker

Speakers create your own phone is a simple and environment-friendly way, including used toilet roll or empty paper cup.

Just make a cut next to the used roll of toilet paper and then .connect your phone. You now have an instant speaker.

Better yet, put your phone in an empty cup and the speaker will convert ignorant and remote words into a clear vocal language.

40. Use Your Phone To Meet Locals

Knowing locals is a great way to get to know a country or discover the secret trails

Finding the perfect places to go can also be organized with an application like Party with Local.

This app can guide you to local nightlife, favorite local coffee shops, best restaurants and more.

41. Get Your Own Personal Tour Guide

Getting good tour guides is very difficult and very expensive. But you can try to find a different person to be your own personal guide.

This is definitely cheaper than participating in organized tours.

42. Give Up Your Seat For Upgrades And Free Extras

Many airlines often overbook. Besides, they often offer numerous benefits when you leave your seat.


Some of these amenities include an upgrade to your next flight at close accommodation, free food and drink, and additional discounted rates.

43. Shadow The Pub Crawl Path

You can’t even pay a higher price if you want to join the pub crawl route. Instead, you can research and find the pub crawl route in the chosen city and then start having fun.

If you are uncomfortable following the crowds, you can always go on your way to the pub crawl. You will definitely meet other travelers.

44. Predict The Sunset Like A Pro

When traveling to an international country, it can be a challenge to determine when the sun goes down.

This old survival strategy is a winner when it comes to a great return journey.

Basically, each finger represents 15 minutes. To know the time, calculate the width of the finger between the sun and the horizon.

45. Don’t Forget About Selfies

While traveling abroad, taking selfies is not for memories, but for identification, especially when you launch a new SD card in your camera.

Selfie will actually prove if the camera is ever lost or stolen, it’s yours

46. Learn Annoying Pop Songs

If you really want to save money, learn how to play a few boring pop songs. Most pop music is just three jazz.

With these three chords, you can play many songs and impress a lot of people. Maybe the song will get you some free food or some beer.

47. Learn To Cook Traditional Dishes From Each Country

Learning to cook traditional dishes food from every country you visit is a great travel hack for making friends.

Buy some expensive local ingredients and then make a regional classic meal. You will probably have a great feast and a few good laughs and beers.

48. Save Up Frequent Flyer Miles

If you travel often, it is definitely worth your while to attend the Flyer program frequently. It doesn’t really take long to accumulate points and miles.

In fact, the miles really add up over time and will contribute to upgrades and discounted flights.

49. Forget The Car And Rent A Bicycle

The most spectacular sights are seen when traveling on foot.

The second best option is to take the roads behind the bike a Bicycling will keep you fit and help you discover amazing local hangouts and cultures. In fact, many bike trips lead you on the road less traveled

These places are hidden from tourists and general visitors. Bicycling is a great opportunity to get to know the locals and their customs.

50. Give Your Spare Change To The Homeless

To pay tribute, show your appreciation for the country you visited by your change to the homeless.

You will set the stage for future travelers and do a great job.

I hope you found these travel hacks helpful! Be sure to share these hacks with your friends!

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