Summer is finally here, If you are planning a solo adventure, it is best to know which destinations are fun and safe for single solo female travelers soon. I bet you are imagining spending a year or two away from traveling far away from home 🙂

I got … I’m in the same boat or maybe, thoughts still haven’t crossed your mind and you’ve just stumbled upon this article because you’ve read my article.

However, I love you guys thank you for all your sweet comments and messages 🙂 🙂

Anyway, back to the context of the hand 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

There are about 15 destinations on this list so there is definitely something for everyone. Say you are down for an adventure …

I’d like to check out New Zealand or Costa Rica. Perhaps you have a set or a deserted beach after shopping you want to drink champagne? Bali or Thailand will be probably the best bets (both locations dirt cheap, so you can actually live like royalties).

A single trip is not as dangerous and complicated as most people think. Yes, the world can be quite a scary place, but for the most part, it is just media hype.

Believe me, the world is full of beautiful and safe places for girls to travel alone. Recent research shows that almost two-thirds of today’s travelers are women and nearly 32 million American women travel alone each year.

This article is for all the unique girls out there who are dreaming of traveling the world! I share some of my favorite travel suggestions that make it possible for single-woman travel after the safest destinations to travel in 2020.

If you think any destinations should be added to the list, or just say hi, be sure to leave a comment!

Here is your first solo tour! XOXO


How to meet people on the street:

A recent single trip to Hawaii, I’ve used the app Couchsurfing to meet other travelers. Travel to any city you can find virtually any match!

Find where to stay in a cheap hostel:

I usually use Hostel World to find cheap accommodation when traveling abroad. Sketchy hostels can be sometimes, so I will stay where it is time to plan, to see whether there is space as an ad before booking the place, I will examine the user-submitted images.

How to translate anything on the spot:

Did you know that if your iPhone / Android Google Translate application download the application and use of a foreign text in front of the camera mode, hold your phone, and you translate it?

Does it include languages like Japanese and Thai that are full of symbols not on the English keyboard? !!! This is an ad – Yesterday I learned about this, and it just blew my mind 🙂

The best site for finding cheap flights:

I use Skyscanner. The algorithm will compare prices for flights on all major airlines.
In the past, I tried to find a ton of cheap flights to different websites but almost always ended up booking through Skyscanner.

Insurance Get your stuff:

I suggest taking the necessary precautions to ensure your gear before your next big trip. You never know what can happen, and you do not want to wait before the further delay.

World Nomads is a leading insurance company insuring short-term and long-term travelers against theft or natural disaster.

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