SendinBlue vs GetResponse 2022: Which one is Better?

SendinBlue vs GetResponse 2022: Which one is Better?

SendinBlue vs GetResponse 2022: Which one is Better?

If you were asked to choose one between Sandin Blue and GetResponse, Then you must know well about SendinBlue vs Getresponse first and then make a decision.

Today I will discuss Sendinblue vs GetResponse and come to a conclusion that which one is the better one.

Sendinblue is an email marketing platform, especially for small-to-medium businesses.CRM, marketing automation, transactional emails, SMS, landing pages, and Facebook ads are the main features of Sendinblue.

On the other hand, GetResponse is also an email marketing platform used by more than 350,000 customers in 183 countries. Email marketing, landing pages, CRM, and advanced automation are the main features of GetResponse.

GetResponse vs SendinBlue

Two tools are best in terms of usage, but there is some number of services that make best from one tool to another.

Here are some of the main differences between Sending Blue and GetResponse:

  1. SendinBlue has a unique feature of SMS marketing for supplementing campaigns. On the other hand, GetResponse has a feature of the premier webinar marketing solution.

2. SendinBlue has a smart transaction emailing tool for its principal selling points. On the other hand, GetResponse has a powerful autoresponder.

3. SendinBlue offers its users a free package permanently. On the other hand, GetResponse offers its users have a 30-day trial only.

Now we will discuss pricing, service, support, features, etc. in a little more detail to compare between them.

SendinBlue vs. GetResponse — Email sending comparison

email sending price list

From the point of view of email sending facilities, we can see the users of SendinBlue are getting the benefit of sending more emails at lower prices.

SendinBlue vs. GetResponse — some feature comparison

SendinBlue vs. GetResponse — some feature comparison

From the picture, it is seen that SendinBlue has all the feature given on the chart but GetResponse has lack of prebuilt workflows feature and SMS automation feature.

GetResponse users are being deprived of these two benefits, SMS automation, and prebuilt workflows feature.

SMS automation plays a big role in email marketing and product promotion also. Prebuilt workflow has an extra benefit. You can keep the subscriber’s contact information, behavior, or preferences in this.

SendinBlue vs. GetResponse — Templates and Design comparison


SendinBlue offers over 70 professionally designed templates and it has a smooth designed user-friendly interface.SendinBlue offers a drag-and-drop email editor for building and customizing emails.

Sendinblue has over 60 attractive HTML email newsletter templates for different types of campaigns and businesses. Users can import a template into Sendinblue also.

You can add an attachment to your email. Adjusting element settings, uploading media files, plus resizing the elements within the email body and layout have remained in the SendinBlue email marketing tool.

sendinblue premium templates
premium templates

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