Semrush Review- How To Increase Your Traffic Step By Step 2021

Semrush Review- How To Increase Your Traffic Step By Step 2021

Organic Traffic Insights

With the help of the Organic Traffic Insights feature, you can understand what is happening on
your website and improve your SEO strategies based on traffic statistics.

It will show you Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Semrush data as well as
click-through rate, sessions, and volume with organic keywords and rankings found by Semrush
and Google Search Console.

● This feature will show a website’s organic search performance
● It will analyze geographic traffic
● Desktop, mobile, and tablet analysis
● It will integrate with position tracking

Domain Overview

Domain Overview will show you the domain’s organic and paid search traffic, a
website’s online presence, use of display advertising, and backlinks.

Users can analyze a website’s top keywords such as
● organic positions
● recent position changes
● advertising keywords
● As well as global and mobile databases
● growth report of a domain’s performance over time

With the help of this tool, you can research a domain, subdomain, subfolder, or URL. They can
also, get a preview of the deeper competitive research reports. Users can assess their
competition’s strengths and weaknesses.

One can see where most of the global traffic of the organic and paid domain comes from. Users
can find a global competitor with a successful advertising campaign.

semrush domain overview

Users can compare all of their important metrics, organic/paid traffic, and backlinks trends with
up to 5 websites at a time.
You can see:

● Top Organic Keywords
● keyword position, volume, and CPC
● Organic Position Distribution
● Main Organic Competitors
● Competitive Positioning Map (organic)
● Branded traffic trend
● Branded vs non-branded search traffic

Competitive Research Toolkit

Competitive Research Toolkit will give you a picture of a competitor or potential
partner’s performance and marketing decisions based on the strategies of your

You will get,
● The competition’s SEO strategies
● the keywords where your competitors get organic traffic
● what keywords do your competitors have
● competitors backlinks
● websites in your niche

The Advertising feature will show you how your competition spends their advertising dollars and
what keywords they target in their various advertising strategies.

Competitors’ top paid search keywords, landing pages, and even copies of their ads can be seen
by the Advertising Research feature.

How much a website publishes or advertises media and text display ads through Google Ads and
AdSense will be shown by the Display Advertising feature.
You can analyze your competitors advertising products on the Google Shopping Network with
the help of PLA Research.

Traffic Analytics

semrush traffic analytics

Traffic Analytics will show the users,
● where a website’s traffic comes from
● how their audience engages with their site
● what devices do visitors prefer to use
● how multiple websites’ audiences overlap

It will help you to evaluate a new market or niche and build a successful media buying strategy.
It is also used for market researchers, marketing managers, business development teams, and
sales teams.

Traffic Overview, Audience Insights, Traffic Journey, Top Pages, Subfolders, Subdomains, Geo
Distribution and Bulk Analysis can be shown by this tool.

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