Semrush Review- How To Increase Your Traffic Step By Step 2021

Semrush Review- How To Increase Your Traffic Step By Step 2021

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What is Semrush:

what is semrush?

Semrush is a popular SEO tool that will help you to optimize your website for search engines.
This tool will help you in this field such as SEO, PPC, SMM, Keyword Research, Competitive
Research, PR, Content Marketing, Marketing Insights, Campaign Management, on-site analysis
which is very effective for SEO professionals.

Why you will choose Semrush?

why you will choose semrush?

You will get these benefits by using Semrush
❖ one can get the advantages of competitive keyword research
❖ you can track the keyword strategy used by their competition
❖ This tool is able to run an SEO audit of your blog
❖ you can monitor and manage their organic rankings
❖ Advantages of developing compelling and creative PPC campaigns
❖ It looks for backlinking opportunities
❖ This tool will improve your content strategy
❖ you can analyze and track social media effectiveness
❖ It will also do traffic analysis

Semrush Features

On-Page SEO Checker:

On-page SEO is an essential technique for ranking higher on web pages and earn more relevant
traffic in search engines to improve a website’s SEO.
On-Page SEO Checker will compare your page against top-ranking competitors and will show
you how well your site’s page is optimized. it will optimize top pages, import keywords, and

Keyword Usage:

You can see your competitor’s targeted keywords throughout their web pages that have ranked on
Search Engine.

It compares your usage of the keyword to your competitors’ average usage keyword. You can see
what is used in their body, title, H1, or meta description in the first table?
Users can also see the density of keywords and the actual number of times the keyword appears
in the text of the webpage.

semrush keyword usage

From the “word usage table,” it can be seen the density between each word that makes up the
target keyword phrase. After selecting a long-tail keyword, this tool will show you how often
each word from the phrase appears on your webpage.

With the help of TF-IDF, you will know how important a certain term is for the comprehension
and subject of an entire document. You can compare your TF-IDF score to your competitor’s
average and also rivals max here.


semrush backlinks

One can be able to see where the link to their competitors is coming from by this tool. This tool
aggregates the backlink profiles of your URL’s top competitors and shows the referring domains
that are shared the most among the top 10.

Length of content:

You can see your competitor’s average word count and how many words are on each competitor’s
page. You should expand your page to cover more topics and provide more information because
Search engines prefer it.

Referring Domains:

If you have fewer referring domains than your competitors’ average, Then he will get ahead on
the search results.

So you have to build links to your page from more referring domains to increase your page’s
referral traffic. Link Building Tool will help you in building links.

Video Usage:

An embedded video can rank a web page. You have to keep important videos on your web pages
for your audience to rank your pages within the top ten. Users can use the whole suite of
Semrush tools to make sure the video will rank including Video Rank Tracker.

Site Audit

semrush site audit

Website’s on-page health, site’s robots.txt, crawl ability, HTTPS implementation, international
SEO, performance, internal linking can be seen by this site audit feature.
You can judge your Site Health Score and how many pages were found healthy, broken, having
issues, redirects, or blocked our crawler. Users can notice the total number of errors, warnings,
and notices on the site.

Errors are the most severe issues on the site that will be shown in red. Warnings represent
medium severity issues that will be shown in orange. Notices are considered less severe than
errors or warnings that are shown in blue.

You can see the top issues from your audit. These issues will be shown based on the priority
level and the number of pages with said issue.

Internal linking is used to look at how well a site links between its pages. in the case of orphaned
pages or pages with high click depth, it is often hard for your visitors to find.
In this case, this audit report will show you the issue and improve your internal linking strategy.

Organic Research

semrush organic research

This feature will tell you about a website’s top organic search competitors and which keywords
increase their traffic. It can be seen a competitor’s recent ups and downs in their search rankings.
You can identify all of the competing domains your website is up against for organic search
traffic and The SERP Features analysis to see all the keywords related to a website that have
special results on Google.

You can know about your competitor’s organic search performance also. This tool will give you
an overall report of estimated traffic, keywords, top position changes, SERP features, top pages,
top subdomains, main organic competitors, and competitive position map.

It will help you to analyze any website. Users can also know about the number of keywords,
traffic, traffic cost, branded traffic, and non-branded traffic for their entered domain.

You can see the data just from your desired time period by selecting a specific date range and
navigate to the different individual reports in Organic Research.

Position Tracking

semrush position tracking

This feature will do,
➔ track any keyword and domain
➔ track a website’s daily rankings
➔ track local SEO and local competitor discovery
➔ it will show you estimated traffic and average position

Users can add, change, or remove competitors to their campaign and up to 20 competitors at a
time. Competitor’s data will be visible in the trend graph and Rankings Overview.
Position Tracking offers Positions, Estimated Traffic, and Visibility.” Position Tracking Rankings
Distribution ” will compare your overall performance to competitors.

“Position Tracking Competitors Discovery” will find all the domains that compete with your site
for traffic from your target keywords. you can identify your closest competitors and add them to
your tracking campaign.

Competition Map will show you the top ten domains competing for your keywords in the top 100
The winners and Losers feature will show how the domains have increased or decreased their
amount of keywords.

From the Competitors Table, it can be seen up to 100 competitors at the table at a time.

Keyword Magic Tool

semrush keyword magic tool

Keyword Magic Tool will offer you access to over 17 billion keywords and a streamlined

You can:
● explore niche topics
● find semantically related long-tail keywords
● build a master list of keywords with the help of this tool.
You will get your usual data, CPC, Volume, Keyword Difficulty, Competition, and SERP
features by using this tool.

Keyword Overview

Keyword Overview will show you the keyword’s search volume, number of results, CPC,
Competition level, volume trend, and more.

you can:
● examine top-level keyword
● judge any keyword’s estimated value and competition
● analyze a keyword’s value
● estimate a keyword’s popularity by the search volume.
● find the right keywords to target
● check the keyword’s trend
● analyze a keyword’s organic value
● analyze a keyword’s advertising value
● analyze keywords in bulk

semrush keyword overview

You will get these advantages by using the keyword overview feature.

Organic Traffic Insights

With the help of the Organic Traffic Insights feature, you can understand what is happening on
your website and improve your SEO strategies based on traffic statistics.

It will show you Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Semrush data as well as
click-through rate, sessions, and volume with organic keywords and rankings found by Semrush
and Google Search Console.

● This feature will show a website’s organic search performance
● It will analyze geographic traffic
● Desktop, mobile, and tablet analysis
● It will integrate with position tracking

Domain Overview

Domain Overview will show you the domain’s organic and paid search traffic, a
website’s online presence, use of display advertising, and backlinks.

Users can analyze a website’s top keywords such as
● organic positions
● recent position changes
● advertising keywords
● As well as global and mobile databases
● growth report of a domain’s performance over time

With the help of this tool, you can research a domain, subdomain, subfolder, or URL. They can
also, get a preview of the deeper competitive research reports. Users can assess their
competition’s strengths and weaknesses.

One can see where most of the global traffic of the organic and paid domain comes from. Users
can find a global competitor with a successful advertising campaign.

semrush domain overview

Users can compare all of their important metrics, organic/paid traffic, and backlinks trends with
up to 5 websites at a time.
You can see:

● Top Organic Keywords
● keyword position, volume, and CPC
● Organic Position Distribution
● Main Organic Competitors
● Competitive Positioning Map (organic)
● Branded traffic trend
● Branded vs non-branded search traffic

Competitive Research Toolkit

Competitive Research Toolkit will give you a picture of a competitor or potential
partner’s performance and marketing decisions based on the strategies of your

You will get,
● The competition’s SEO strategies
● the keywords where your competitors get organic traffic
● what keywords do your competitors have
● competitors backlinks
● websites in your niche

The Advertising feature will show you how your competition spends their advertising dollars and
what keywords they target in their various advertising strategies.

Competitors’ top paid search keywords, landing pages, and even copies of their ads can be seen
by the Advertising Research feature.

How much a website publishes or advertises media and text display ads through Google Ads and
AdSense will be shown by the Display Advertising feature.
You can analyze your competitors advertising products on the Google Shopping Network with
the help of PLA Research.

Traffic Analytics

semrush traffic analytics

Traffic Analytics will show the users,
● where a website’s traffic comes from
● how their audience engages with their site
● what devices do visitors prefer to use
● how multiple websites’ audiences overlap

It will help you to evaluate a new market or niche and build a successful media buying strategy.
It is also used for market researchers, marketing managers, business development teams, and
sales teams.

Traffic Overview, Audience Insights, Traffic Journey, Top Pages, Subfolders, Subdomains, Geo
Distribution and Bulk Analysis can be shown by this tool.

Semrush Pricing

semrush plans and pricing

Pros and cons

❖ Advantage of Competition Spying
❖ Awesome Facebook Group
❖ Manage and review overall website SEO perspective
❖ The intensive keyword research feature
❖ Technical Audits and Keyword Research
❖ effective competitor comparison
❖ provides Paid and Organic Keywords
❖ Excellent brand monitoring advantage.
❖ SemrushBot software for collecting new and updated web data
❖ Opportunity for deep dives into client accounts
❖ Good SEO content Ideas
❖ Excellent Keyword Magic Tool
SEMRush‘s API is used to build several great productivity tools.

SEMRush Stock Price

Semrush IPO price range of $14 to $22. Semrush’s competitor is SE Ranking mainly.

semrush stock price

SEMrush Pricing is a little bit expensive compared to other competitors
❖ The paid search reporting is often incorrect
❖ Its many tabs can be confusing for newer users
❖ limited Google Ads reporting metrics
❖ Listing management is quite limited
SEMrush login is needed after a period of time if you haven’t used

Final Verdict

Semrush users will get so many benefits by using just one tool. It is a very good thing that they
can see everything on their website at any time with this tool.

Although the price seems a bit high to me, it seems to have a lot of benefits.500 companies use
Semrush with their full satisfaction for its good service. Everything you need to know will get in
the SEMrush blog post.

This tool has given a great opportunity to the users. They will get free 7-day access to all
toolkits. If there is a lot of confusion with this tool, then you can know the details about the tool
in 7 days trial. You will also get many free courses from Semrush academy.

You can read the skillshare Review.

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