Sajek Valley A Beauty Of Bangladesh | Walking in the clouds

Sajek Valley A Beauty Of Bangladesh | Walking in the clouds

Madventure Resort Sajek

Madventure Resort Sajek
Madventure Resort Sajek

In Madventure resort, you will remain above the cloud level and at the dawn, Sajek is immersed in the cloud and look like an island in the middle of the cloud. Senior people have a great plan to see the cloud kingdom and green hills.

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Jhi Jhi Pokar Bari

Jhi Jhi Pokar Bari

On a budget plan journey in Sajek, Rangamati, Chittagong this one can be checked out. Lodging is in 4 specific hand-cut Wood & Bamboo cottages with views of Sajek Valley. This resort is thought of as one of the best resorts with some additional centers in Sajek.

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Meghadree eco resort sajek

Meghadree eco resort sajek
Meghadree eco resort sajek

All spaces consist of a terrace with a beautiful view of Sajek valley. This is one of the special resorts here in Sajek. The visitors can take pleasure in the mountains, thick forest, meadows hilly tracks, clouds in the sky, and Mijoram town from the resort’s terrace.

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Food In Sajek Valley


All resorts have food plans so resort to resorts in advance. Do not miss out out on seeing Sajek get more affordable fruits like papaya, pineapple, banana, and so on. These fruits are reasonably inexpensive in Sajek.

Drink In Sajek Valley

There are coffeehouses here and they make coffee actually good. Travelers can take pleasure in developing coffee and charge themselves for traveling hills.

Is Sajek Valley Open Now?

The Sajek Valley is constantly open. When you go, it depends.

Sajek Valley Weather Forecast

Check the live Sajek valley Weather Forecast here.

Sajek Valley Travel Tips

  • Sajek has no electrical energy, even if the planetary system takes longer to charge. Not even offered. You can have a Power Bank with you.
  • Just the network of Robi, Airtel, and Teletalk can be discovered in the Sajek.
  • The course to Sazek is high and extremely high, so this path threatens. Take care not to zip around.
  • No requirement for guides to go to Sazek.
  • Travelers need to get permission from the BGB (Border Guards Bangladesh).
  • Get authorization to take photos of native individuals. Do not take photos without approval.
  • Aboriginal individuals are easy-going, treat them with regard and regard for their culture.
  • Reserve a space ahead of time (a month) to prevent difficulty throughout the vacations. Keep.
  • Taking a trip members have to send some info. Keep a copy of your nationwide identity card along with it.
  • If you do not leave the cars and truck for 2 or 3 days, simply set the cars and truck to go, return to another vehicle or you can return the cars and truck by phone from Dighinala.

Sajek Valley In Bangladesh Map


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