Sajek Valley A Beauty Of Bangladesh | Walking in the clouds

Sajek Valley A Beauty Of Bangladesh | Walking in the clouds

What is Sajek Valley?

The morning clouds In Sajek Valley
The morning clouds In Sajek Valley

Sajek valley is 2000 feet above sea level. The native individuals of Sajek valley are ethnic minorities.

Travel is vital for momentary relief from additional work tension and stress and anxiety. The useful element of travel is that individuals can delight in the taste of development and gain different experiences. It is possible to discover about individuals and their culture through travel.

Numerous unidentified things end up being understood. When the hectic life of the city, stress and anxiety, aggravation, tiredness make life unpleasant, then the view of mountains, clouds, waterfalls brings peace to the mind. Individuals who like to take a trip, constantly choose peaceful, remote locations.

One such lovely location is Sajek Valley in Bangladesh. Sajek Valley is popular for its natural charm and is likewise understood as the Queen of Hills and Roof of Rangamati.

Often rows of clouds are running, in some cases playing look for and conceal. The valley is surrounded by mountains, thick forests, and meadows hill tracks.

Where Is Sajek Valley In Bangladesh?

Sajek Cloud
Sajek Valley Cloud

Found 95 km north of Rangamati, Sajek is just 67 km northeast of the head office of Khagrachhari hill district.

Driving through the high peaks and falls of the roadway one can reach from Khagrachhari to Sajek Valley in about 2 to 3 hours. Bangladesh Army supplies security escort service in the path from Baghathar to Sajek every day early morning and night.

Sajek Valley consists of Ruilui Para, Hamari Para, and Konglak Para, where the Konglak Hill is among the primary traveler destinations. The last town on the Bangladesh side lies on Konglak Hill, which is primarily populated by the Lusai individuals. Apart from the Lusais, Tripura, Pangkhoa, and Chakma individuals likewise live there.

Top 10 Things To Do In The Sajek Valley.

The Route of Sajek valley

The route of Sajek valley
The Route of Sajek valley

In some locations, these roadways are too high on the hills that when the lorries begin to rise you’ll feel the lower part of your body start detaching from the upper part. After a while when the automobile goes down from the upper hill, you’ll experience the opposite sensation.

Sunset from the Helipad in Sajek Valley:

Sunset from the Helipad

There is a helipad in the valley and you can delight in the red radiance of the setting sun from this location. Lots of travelers come here to enjoy this natural phenomenon.

Sunrise in the hills of Sajek Valley: 

Sunrise in the hills
Sunrise in the hills of Sajek Valley

Get up early to experience the terrific dawn. As the hills are covered with clouds when the dawn it might appear that it is coming out of the cloud. When the sun comes out of the cloud entirely and shines all over valleys you will feel a divine sensation.

Konglakpara in Sajek Valley: 

Konglakpara is a neighboring area on Konglak Hill. Konglakpara hill is not tough to travel and even if you have no previous experience of traveling, you will be able to climb up the hill quickly. From Konglak hill you will be able to see the landscapes of India borders, the clouds, the surrounding hills, Sajek valley, and so on.

Sikam Toisa Water Fall in Sajek Valley:

Sikam Toisa Water Fall
Sikam Toisa Water Fall in Sajek Valley

You have to travel an extremely high sloping roadway, someplace 80-85 degrees to reach there. Bulky and unskilled individuals are asked to prevent this waterfall however if you have experience of traveling hills and if you enjoy checking out then this fantastic waterfall is for you.

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