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Privacy Policy & Our Promise

First, we are so grateful that you are here. We will keep your data is always safe and secure. So you know what we are doing here, why do we need your data and how we use it.

1. The good stuff

We will only use your data to improve your experience with Jollce.

2. Locked down

We will protect your data, such as our own.

3.No spam

You will hear from us, and how do you decide which.


We have at least! If you do not need our data, we will delete it.

And now, let’s get to the legal thing!

(Annoying but necessary!)

Content Use Policy And Copyright

Intellectual Property Ownership

All materials are included in this site and the property will be Jollce Ltd.
Or it’s content suppliers and applicable copyright, patent, trademark, and other proprietary rights, protected under. Your copying, redistribution, use or publishing of any such content or any part of the Website is prohibited without the written permission of Jollce LTD.

Use of this site or through any situation you any ownership rights or other interest in any content not achieved.

A link from your website to our website, we have permission to use.
Only you can use a photo from my personal recipe, follow the link on our website to post-compulsory aspects have been back where it started
We are without any link that does not represent or own any content in full use of the photos do not allow you to re-post the recipe.

Jollce outside factors described here delivers the goods for any copyright violations fixed.

In another form, the use of any content from this website before, please contact me for permission at [email protected]

All work is copyright of Jollce LTD.

Takedown Requests

From time to time, the Website will publish images of other third party websites. We always want permission to use these images. Any use of this national product is considered fair use under copyright laws and is solely responsible to the owner.

If you believe that your copyrighted works have been used on websites that constitute copyright infringement and are beyond fair use, please send a request to [email protected] and we will remove the image within 24 to 48 hours.

Privacy Policy

As the owner of this website (, “Website” or “Jollce”), Jollce LTD understands that your privacy matters. This Privacy Policy describes what information we collect from you through the site collect and how we use and disclose such information.

When you visit our website Jollce committed to protecting your privacy. you can access And browse our site without revealing any of your personal information.

jollce does not collect personal information about individuals, such as names and mailings or e-mail addresses unless it is knowingly provided, and he or she has not agreed to the terms under which will use it.

How do we collect on our website to suit your personally identifiable information, use, protect or otherwise handle to get a clear idea about our privacy policy, please read carefully?

Information we collect

Information you voluntarily submit to the website: We have personal names from you, such as your name or email address can collect.
For example, if you leave a comment, subscribe to the newsletter, or by submitting a contact form to voluntarily submit information to the website.

Also, you’re able to create a user profile, which allows you to create a user name and password. We’ll save the username, then the password will not appear in our records.

Information We Collect from Others: We may get information about you from other sources. Your Facebook, Instagram, and/or Google account to link your user profile. If you own Facebook, Instagram, and/or choose Google account to link your user profile, we have your name associated with that account, email address and profile picture will.

Automatically-Collected Information: We automatically and the device you are accessing the website to collect specific information about. For example, when you use a website, we will log your IP address, type of operating system, type of browser, referring website, pages you have visited and websites/dates you have accessed.

We may also collect such information as clicking links on the steps you take when using the Website.

Cookies: We can get information from cookies. Cookies are small files that a site or its service provider transfers to your computer’s hard drive through your Web browser (if you allow it) to detect which site the browser and capture and remember certain information enables.

Based on previous or current site activity to help you understand the choices they are used, which enables us to provide improved services. The overall data about site traffic and site interaction We use cookies to compile better site experiences and tools in the future so that we can supply them.

Advertising partners and other third parties to display advertisements and other useful information to track visitors to our site cookies, scripts and/or web beacons to use. Such tracking directly to third parties through their own servers and is subject to their own privacy policies.

How your information might be used

We may use the information we collect in the following ways:

  • Operate and maintain the website;
  • To create your account, you as a user of the website and customize the website to your account;
  • To send you promotional information such as newsletters. How to opt-out of future mailing each email campaign will provide the information;
  • To administrative communications, such as the administrative e-mail, confirmation e-mail, technical notices, updates or policy to send security alerts;
  • Reply to your comments or inquiries;
  • You can provide user support;
  • Advertise on track and to measure;
  • Protecting, investigating, and terminating unauthorized or illegal activity

Third-party use of personal information

We may share your information with third parties when you explicitly authorize us to share your information.

Besides, the website can serve a variety of websites in terms of third-party service providers can use. Each third-party service providers use your personal information is governed by their respective privacy policies.

The website uses the following third-party service providers:

Google Analytics – This service tracks the use of the website and the website provides information about the referring website and the user’s actions. Google analytics can capture your IP address but did not capture any personal information to others by Google Analytics.

Google’s Privacy Policy is available at Google’s Privacy Policy.

Mailerlite – This service is used to provide email updates and newsletters. The National Communication to supply your name and email address store. For more information, please refer to Mailerlite’s privacy policy

Paypal –eCommerce payment processing products are used for this service. Your banking information is not given to any website. We received the order fulfillment and information used for the report.

Easy Digital Download – E-commerce application to host the website easy to use digital downloads. Easy digital downloads when the order is given, then the website with your name, address, email address, IP address and location data, including the purchase will save.

This information is used to fulfill the order. Letters to automatically get you about your order if you purchase from us you will not be automatically added to a marketing email list.

At this point, your personal information is not shared with any third-party applications. Website sole discretion, this list may be amended from time to time.

Except in accordance with the law, we have your email address or other personal information without your consent sell, distribute, or will not manifest;

However, the personal information collected through the website to third parties who are all part of our business to achieve, or to transfer them or to transfer, Which merge or consolidate some or all or part of our assets may be the result of the purchase, or by or against us relating to any bankruptcy or reorganization process.

Anonymous data: From time to time, we may use anonymous data, you can not detect alone, or together with the other party data. This kind of anonymous data for marketing, advertising or other use can be supplied to other parties. Examples of this anonymous information may include analysis or information collected from cookies.

Publicly visible information

If you have any comments on the specific information to be publicly visible. Your email address will not be publicly available. Your options, your avatar, a profile can add details and a link to your website.

You may also like to link your Facebook, Instagram and Google accounts.

Users with your username, avatar, profile details, and information see the website.

Cookies: Website use cookies audience preferences stored, users pages accessed, or by visiting the user-specific data record, the audience the same banner ad was sent to make sure that the visitor’s browser type or other information, depending on the website customize content has been sent.
Third-party services such as Google Analytics may use cookies as described here.

Users may, at any time, by the Website, prevent the setting of cookies by using settings that are relevant to your Internet browser and thus permanently decline the setting of cookies. Furthermore, cookies already set may be deleted at any time through an Internet browser or another software program. It is possible for all of the popular Internet browsers.

However, if users disable the setting of cookies on your Internet browser, not all functions of our website will be fully usable.


Display Ads

You may use third-party advertising companies to serve content and ads when visiting your website, which may use cookies as described above.

Retargeting Ads

From time to time, the website for marketing, Google, Facebook or Instagram with third-party companies may be involved in the re-marketing efforts. The organization’s website uses cookies to serve ads based on someone’s past visits.

Affiliate Program Participation

Taking part in the programs approved by Jollce making money. When you click on a link, we can create a small commission at no additional cost.
With affiliate marketing, we embed links to tracking websites.

If you click on any links in an approved partnership, the purpose of the commission will be set up to track a cookie in your browser.


Website, you can subscribe to our newsletter, which can be used for advertising purposes. Tracking pixels can be sent to the newsletter. Pixels have been embedded in emails and online marketing promotion allows analysis of the success.

This is due to the tracking pixel, we can see that when you open an email and click on any links in the email. Also, it is the future website, newsletter content can adapt to the user’s interests helps. This behavior will not be given to third parties.

Rights related to your personal information

Opt-out – Email subscribes to our e-mail communications by following links that you can choose in the future. In order to remove from our mailing list so you can inform our [email protected]

Access – by submitting a request to access personal information we hold about you to [email protected]

Modify – to modify or update your personal information you can contact us at [email protected]

Forget it – the deletion of personal information in certain circumstances, you can ask for, or to forget. Please submit a request in to find [email protected]

Please note that in order to complete the transaction recordkeeping or purpose, or when required by law to hold certain information.

Sensitive personal information

Jollce your sensitive personal information at any time, should not be submitted. What’s your social security number, related to race or ethnic origin, political opinions, political views, religious beliefs, health information, criminal background or trade union membership is included?

If you decide to submit such information to us, but it is subject to this Privacy Policy.

Children’s information

The website from children under the age of 16. No personally identifiable information is collected. If you believe that any parent or guardian of a child under the age of 16, the website contains personally identifiable information in its database, please contact us [email protected] instant support, and we immediately remove such information from our records in order to use our best efforts.



As you probably know, the Federal Trade Commission protects all of us from misleading advertising. This blog is not just a hobby, it’s also a way for me to make a living, so you will find support or testimonials on a few pages of the site.

My number one priority is the accuracy and fairness of my readers, and I have some extra money only for the truth that will never compromise. I will not be able to live with it.

These products and services are also linked to a number of links, which means that if you choose a shop, but I will earn a small commission. This commission comes at no extra cost to you. If you have a purchase via the link in my love, I want to thank you for supporting this blog!

While certain products or services are mentioned in the content of this blog, they may not be marked as allowed in each reference.

Contact Information

At any time, please contact us for questions about this privacy policy.