20 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care | Jollce

20 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care | Jollce

Some days are harder than others … and in those days we eat chocolate. Yes, I’m kidding but not really.

It’s so easy to get involved in everyday trivial pursuits that we forget to take care of the first place in our lives!

We have so many responsibilities that pack is easy to lose track of what’s important. Simple things that bring us back to our center, to revive our inspiration and our next big win could set up. Take a break and treat yourself to a couple of days in your lifetime!

Here are some small things that you can immediately feel better.


  • Get outdoors – Get outside, take a breath of fresh air and be sure to walk in sunny areas!
  • Drink plenty of water – count how many glasses you drink? Health authorities generally recommend drinking eight-ounce glasses daily.
  • Keep track of an unknown trail – when did you go on an adventure?
  • Do a 15-minute workout that focuses on the problem area. Maybe you want to tone down your abs or get rid of that endless love, it’s time.
  • Prepare a healthy meal – Think festive fruits and vegan vegetables.

  • Make your own juice or go to the nearest juicery (when does a stressed juicer look bad?)

  • Play with your dog/cat or play with someone’s dog. Now is not that a beautiful animal theft suggests a pip technique that can only be reached with a friend. 2

  • A nice, hot shower or take a long bath to relax. Pro Tip: Epsom salt baths will remove admiration and tension for your muscles. Also, tea tree oil or lavender oil to throw in a dash after a god/goddess will make you feel like

  • Go to your favorite coffee shop and see people. I’d like to take a book with me.

  • Go for a jog – I’m personally addicted to the highs that jogging me.


  • Meditation – Focus on your breathing. Exhale the good sh * t, quit this bad sh * t. Download the cool app and use it in action before you wake up as soon as you wake up.

  • Write down a list of things you are grateful for or restore affirmations to yourself
    Read more: 300+ affirmations to make you look better

  • Dream something – make a list of goals and break them down into monthly / weekly / daily steps. It means identifying something in your life that needs improvement. For self-discovery in my post, please ensure you read 70 questions and journal prompts.

  • Listen to your favorite music and dance! Guy! Shout those lyrics at the top of your lungs! My landlord (who lives in the apartment above me) hates me for it!

  • Read a good book. If you’re looking to read a book, but the biggest impact on my life, which has 15 books to check out.

  • Spend time with your family or loved one. Thank technology!

  • Learn something new – one of the targets listed in step 3, try to align new skills

  • Get off your phone in social media, do not go into the rest of the day

  • Watch a short motivational video or listen to a podcast on YouTube. I wrote a list of podcasts that I listen to a few of my favorites, which makes me happy and inspires me. You can check by clicking here some of my favorites.

  • Decrease your confidence that block social media accounts / Follow

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