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If you are planning your next trip soon or you need some inspiration for your next vacation, I highly recommend reed the 18 easy steps before traveling.

I always like to plan my next trip in my free time. In my lifetime I have never met a person who had no desire to travel.

Some people had a strong desire to visit more countries But there was never a person who didn’t say that traveling was their goal.

Although it is my personal experience, I would bet that a large number of people want to see at least one other country and culture.

There is something free and exciting about packing a bag, Bought a flight, and hit the open road. Unfortunately, many people are scattered Or discouraged by all the requirements for planning a vacation.

Trying to help people navigate the red tape, I compiled a list of steps that you can take a trip made.

How do you plan a vacation to teach here are 18 steps:

Step 1: Choose A Destination

choose a destination

The first step in planning to travel to selected destinations. Talking about travel, many people are very vague. In this way, travel becomes more of a concept than a fixed decision.

Defining a destination is the best way to satisfy your travel desire. For which no destination can be a clear target to work.
Working towards travel to Rome is easier. One cannot start planning a trip “somewhere” without wasting time and resources.

Select the destination of your trip to the realization of a dream. Without this first step, you can imagine how it would ever plan a trip.

Step 2: Determine A Length For The Trip

length for the trip

When planning the holidays, many people expressed concern about the cost of the plan as soon as possible with the process.
Without the first setting, a length for travel, Is almost impossible to estimate the cost.

Once you’ve set a location for your vacation, It’s time to choose a length of time.
By the actions of some people will be the pre-determined length of vacation Or other professional barriers.

This does not prevent them, Visa or savings can help determine the length of travel.
It’s not how long you choose to travel, It is important to have a defined length to simplify the rest of the plan.

Step 3: Conduct Research On Costs And Expenses

cost and expences

Now you have to determine the position and length of trips, It was time to do some research about the cost.
It is very difficult to determine the cost of travel without learning more about the destination.

Your travel style will help determine the overall cost of travel. For example, travelers to the best resorts and expensive food you want to eat more than they would cost in the end.

On the other hand, the budget hostel backpackers who sleep and eat street stall, they will spend a lot less.

Once you decide on the style of travel, You understand the costs for your trip (I.e. the cost of restaurants, hotels, attractions, hostels, etc.)

This information will help you determine the value of your trip as a whole.
Here are some travel tips for determining your travel costs by location:

  • Buy guide books in that particular place.
  • Join an online chat or forum that discusses pricing in specific destinations.
  • Conduct a Google search for prices for specific items, attractions.
  • Read blog posts related to travel websites.

An accurate estimate of the overall cost of these resources to develop your trips more than enough information should be provided. Event locations around the world, attracts, trains, and there is a lot of information online about the price of groceries.

Avoid the temptation to overboard in the planning process.

Here’s an example:
If you decide that your 10-day trip costs an average of $ 70 USD per day (excluding flights), Then on the sidelines will be a total of $ 700 dollars.

It gives you a clear target to aim for, which is stored in the travel plans. If this step is not covered, you will always wonder how you plan to travel.

Step 4: Start making money and saving

saving money

After determining the overall cost of your trip, It’s time to collect the amount. It is advisable to have a detailed list of your weekly And where your money is being spent to get a clear idea of monthly expenditure.

This reduces the cost of the regions makes it easier to determine what Or completely eliminated.
People spend a lot of unnecessary on a daily basis.

However, the overall cost of your trip may seem minimal compared to the costs of this small, every dollar counts. Until you deduct these expenses, you will not realize how much money is possible to save.

It is a heavy idea to break down the daily amount of storage you need.

For example, if you’re taking five months to $ 700 if you are in need for the holidays, Almost every day you will save $ 4.66.It costs about a cup of Starbucks coffee.

Step 5: Apply for a Travel Rewards Credit Card

travel rewards credit card

Every credit card comes with some added benefits. Although some of this focuses on cashback rewards, There are many travel deals that offer. When saving for the trip, a few of them to get the benefits of signing up for a credit card it is important to travel.

There is a free hotel credit card balance, discount flights, restaurants, and more supply deals. After spending several cards to go beyond the requirements of their programs on their flight to 50,000 points/miles or more offers.

The minimum threshold for the first three months of having the card costs about $ 1000 is near. The miles you can earn a flight to your destination.

It is important to sign up for the card, which provides awards of your choice. If you want to earn a free flight with the airline to sign up for the card.
If the status of a free hotel if you prefer a hotel to apply for the card.

No need to sign up for each credit card that offers travel rewards. It’s best to pick a few that are relevant to your individual needs and preferences.

Most of the “expert” travelers, credit card miles and travel rewards points, which gives the collection industry skills.

Proper use of these cards can mean the difference between week-long vacation and travel years.

Step 6: Find An ATM Card That Doesn’t Charge Fees

atm card machine

Even though larger expenses will take more money, The real enemies of your savings account are the small, recurring costs.

ATM fees are an example of a small charge that should always be avoided.

Before your trip, journey, withdraw money from ATMs that do not charge for the cards to find the key.

The banks, which are between Charles Schwab and the Global ATM Alliance, do not charge these fees.

Step 7: Remain Inspired And Focused

women read a book

Planning for a trip can be a worrying and stressful process.
This is especially true when a member of your family or friends are not interested in your vacation.

Unfortunately, this lack of support often leads many people to lose their excitement and interest in traveling.

It is important to be motivated and focused before the start of your trip
Fortunately, there are many ways to save that flame before you start your journey.

Here are some of these methods:

  • Travel and adventure inspired me to read the book.
  • Read a personal blog to write about their experiences of travelers.
  • Some travelers follow the full-time social media and their content was made.
  • Stay up to date news about your chosen destination.
  • Watch movies about travel.
  • Don’t listen to naysayers or abusers.

Step 8: Look For Last-Minute Discounts And Deals

last minute discounts

Before you book a hotel or a flight before buying a last-minute concession or contract it is important to look for it.

If you find the right offer, you can save hundreds on your vacation.
Even if you have already chosen a destination, it can not hurt to look for last-minute business.

You can find an offer too good to pass good
Instead of traveling to Rome, a two-week cruise around the Mediterranean you can choose a 50% discount.

These agreements often good enough for travelers to reconsider their desired destination.

Successful budget flexibility and an important cause of traveler’s factors. This is a large planet, and endless places to visit there.

If you would like to destination A to B on the destination if you still have room for surprise.

If you are flexible travelers can save you a significant amount of money.
These savings can be put towards a long vacation.

Here are a few last-minute discounts and deals, which are suitable for testing:

Step 9: Take Care Of Any Country-Specific Requirements

take care passport

There are specific requirements in each country, which could be separated from other destinations.

When planning your dream holiday visa and the most important requirements of the vaccine.

For example, the majority of European countries to apply for a visa is not required for US citizens.

Instead, a US passport acts as a tourist visa.
Nepal and the United States of America citizens need to apply for a visa to enter the country.

The same is true for some vaccinations.
There are some countries that require proof of vaccination to the time of arrival.

Before you begin your flights, you need to verify those country-specific requirements.

Step 10: Book The Flight

book the flight

After you apply for a credit card to travel and meet minimum After spending limits, You should receive your award miles.


In the past, flights were easy to book using these miles or points without any hassle.

Due to a lack of availability, the process is a bit more difficult today.

More and more travelers have started to take part in the rewards program.

To search for the best deals, it is important that before booking a flight.

Miles spent an award equal to the cost of the flight. With each passing day, more travelers to buy tickets on the same flight and ticket prices will increase.

When discounting points for a flight, ticket prices will be displayed in points instead of dollars.

The higher the ticket price on points, the more likely you are to wait for ticket purchase.

To find your desired flight at an affordable price, it is very important to book ahead of time.

Fortunately, there are many resources that can be used to save money for a flight.

  • Momondo – Super cheap flights While searching for a great platform to use it.
  • Skyscanner – Depending on the location and date of the flight in order to compare the cost of the website.
  • Kiwi – This website is a great alternative to finding lesser-known routes.
    Kiwis are driven by small carriers.
  • AirTreks – This is the best site to look for flights with multiple destinations or round-the-world tickets.

In order to find the cheapest, it is important to book your plane at least two months before the departure date.

Step 11: Book The Accommodation

book the accommodation

Once your flights are confirmed you can safely book your accommodation.
Booking is recommended to wait until your flight is confirmed.

Even a day or a schedule change can cost a lot of money.


If you’re traveling with a fixed schedule, but it is important that before you go booking your accommodation.

As a result, better deals, more availability and lower prices as a whole will be the result.

If your trip lasts more than a few weeks, then this is sufficient to book accommodation for the first few days.

Once your travel dates are set, there is no reason to wait for a booking.
If you prefer to stay in hotels, then you should consider signing up for loyalty programs Or hotel credit cards to save some money in the long run.

Although hotel houses are cozier and more convenient, they are more expensive.

Marriott has a great rewards card that offers the equivalent of a one week stay sign up bonus.

Starwood offers great deals on American Express cards as well, The edge of the significantly higher cost for the card.

Here is the list of the best cheap accommodation for search:

  • HostelWorld – This is the best platform for a wide range of hostels in the search.
  • Agoda– Although the site is not as popular as others, Finding the best results when traveling to Asia.
  • Booking.com – Booking.com is known for its valuable list, Affordable accommodation in the form of this platform is still great to find a place to stay, Guesthouse, vacation rentals and more.

This budget traveler who want free housing, they are some of the options.
You can start by contacting the host site like WWOOF, BeWelcome, or Couchsurfing And they ask whether you host for one or two nights

Step 12: Plan Some Activities

plan some activities

Without a fun activity, no vacation would be complete. If you want to see some of the places and activities in which you want to create an outline.

Prepping this outline before the trip makes it possible to do every activity.
This preparation will help you decide if you need a budget adjustment.

Step 13: Sell Your Belongings

sell your belongings

More than six months, if you’re planning to travel, Selling something you should consider.

It will achieve a few worthwhile goals.
First and foremost, the extra cash you will have to spend on vacation.
You may be surprised by how much money all your items cost.

Secondly, the time to leave any money you do not pay for storage.

Here are a few great sites to sell your stuff:

  • Gumtree – A site for selling products with a specific focus on the Australian and UK markets.
  • Amazon – Amazon is the world’s largest online marketplace. This means more potential buyers.
  • Craigslist – Craigslist is an online platform full of global classifieds.

For long-term travelers who want to keep their belongings, Storage units can be rented as low as $ 50 per month.

If you do not spend so much money, You can keep your belongings at the home of a friend or relative.

Step 14: Automate The Bills

credit card for automate bills

Although you may be off on a trip, that doesn’t mean that other aspects of your life will change, too.

Before embarking on a trip, set up all your mail for paperless options.
To set up automatic bill payments should contact your bank.

This simplifies the payment process and ensures that you do not miss a fee when traveling.

If you still want to receive paper mail, You can use services such as Earth Class Mail.

While traveling you open your mail and will scan for these services.
If you plan to travel only for a few weeks, These steps do not need to.

Although some people chose these changes without traveling.
Online mail is faster, easier, and environmentally friendly.

Step 15: Notify Your Credit Card Companies

credit card

There is nothing more frustrating or potentially risky than flagging your credit card while traveling.

Credit card companies often use automatic blocks on cards when used abroad.

This is one way to protect users from hackers.
However, blocking your card over the holidays can have an unintended consequence of these protections

To make sure you always have access to a card abroad, It is important to inform your credit card companies.

Most companies will ask you to do any of the countries and for the sake of protection, making travel.

Step 16: Pack, Pack, and Pack


Most travelers have mixed feelings about packing. While this is an exciting step in the journey, It can also be stressful to lose your luggage for travel.
It’s important to find a balance between what you need and packing too much.

Extra packing can lead to uncomfortable walking, higher transportation fees, And an overall disturbance can be avoided by taking less.

If you forget about something important, you can always buy more items abroad.

If you take too much, it is more difficult to get rid of things.
A good rule of thumb is when packing what you originally removed 20% of her pack.

The remaining amount should be sufficient for a few months of permanent travel.

This is definitely less when considering how long you should pull this bag while on vacation.

Step 17: Buy Travel Insurance For Coverage

travel insurance

Many people forget about travel insurance coverage or left completely in error. Some people do not think that they are more likely to get sick on vacation.

In their view, there is no reason to buy travel insurance while on vacation.
It is important to realize that the travel insurance or a regular doctor appointment, sick inspection covers a lot more than.

When you travel for a long time, Your treatment requires much more than protection.

This type of insurance is provided to passengers when their luggage is stolen, A flight is delayed or canceled, and expensive computer breaks, and more.

Most travel insurance will even cover a flight home if a family member becomes ill.

Travel insurance is a must for foreign travelers.
You do not know what may be, and most health plans operated in the United States will not be able to cover you abroad.

I never expected my cry to pop when I was scuba diving in Prague or I lost my camera.
My friend does not expect to break her leg while hiking.

Another friend of mine didn’t think his friend would die, And he had to fly home so quickly on his journey.

Travel insurance is the minimum expense that can save you thousands of dollars if bad things happen.
Fortunately, there are several different suppliers for your specific travel that can customize a plan.

For example, a trip to the Himalayas would require higher altitude coverage than a trip to Guam.

What kind of coverage your specific enough to determine what is important to consider what you are doing on the sidelines.

World Nomads is my travel insurance provider. I’ve been using this platform for over 10 years and have never had a problem

For travelers over the age of 70, Insure My Trip is the greatest provider for seasoned travelers.

Step 18: Have Fun On Your Trip

have fun

There are many blogs to teach readers how to plan a vacation,
Most of these websites are forgotten about the most important element of travel: having fun.

Once you’ve made your booking, and when the final activity, It is time to focus on enjoying the trip.

You might be surprised how many people are spending months Or years of dreaming over the holidays just hates it.

Some people have a really bad experience abroad, Most of these travelers suffer from poor attitudes or bad attitudes.

Taking a trip to your dream can be one of the most exciting and enjoyable experiences of your life.

But it does take some positive thinking, patience and a proactive attitude.

The next time you are wondering how to plan a vacation, use these 18 steps to make the process easier.

In fact, you should share these strategies with a friend or family member who is not sure how to plan a trip.

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