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Want to make some extra cash? Meaning you can easily earn $ 1,500 a year for the online Surveys that can meet!

Here you will find the best online surveys, which provides cash

I’ve been doing online surveys for a while. At breakfast, I sleep half-asleep, usually scrolling through my phone or in the evening when I am too tired to get too much brain!

Up your day job to make some easy cash really can help to increase your income.

Remember: Online surveys are not a replacement for a real job or a worthwhile pursuit!

But if you can schedule up to 30 minutes to an hour a day, they can help you make an extra $ 100 – $ 150 a month without much work! That adds up!

Some of the advantages of having extra cash are:

  • Deferred debt payment
  • Store savings in future emergency situations
  • You have more money to invest in the future
  • Achieve financial independence
  • No more checks for paychecks

How do online surveys sites work?

Surveys are used by large companies to discover what people like, what are the latest trends and discover people’s views on a product and a specific topic. These are a great marketing tool that helps companies make money.

Focus groups and product testing, rather than waste millions of dollars for the companies and their products so customers can fill out the survey. And you can pay cash to do it!

Online surveys are used to create the statistics and research studies in which newspapers can be used.

The great thing about taking a survey is that you do not need any specific knowledge. You just have to be yours and really respond!

Take a few minutes of your day to respond and get paid for it? It sounds like a win, doesn’t it?

The best online surveys that pay cash

There are plenty of survey sites out there, but not all of them will get you big bucks fast. In fact, you are unlikely to be rich by surveying!

But don’t let that scare you off!

It’s not about getting rich; It’s about making more money as well.

And since it is so difficult to find legitimate survey sites that will actually pay the cash, I have tried to do the best you can and decide which one is worth your time investment!

And be sure to read my tips below for the most paid online surveys

1. Survey Junkie

Register for Survey Junkie here.

Payment method: PayPal, Gift Cards
Payout threshold: $10
Typical survey time: 15 minutes

survey junkie platform is very straight and really easy to use! This is one of my favorite paid survey sites.

It is based on a point system and points to the actual cash conversion. To be able to withdraw your money you need to reach 1,000 (including PayPal or gift card).

1,000 points = $ 10

Most surveys will bring in between 100 and 200 points, so it doesn’t take long to reach the margin.

You have successfully completed a survey with the survey will add points to your survey junkie account immediately.

2. Swagbucks

Register for Swagbucks here (free $10 just for signing up).

Payment method: PayPal, Amazon gift cards, Starbucks and more
Payout threshold: $25 for PayPal cash, $3 for gift cards
Typical survey time: 10-20 minutes

I love Swagbucks because not only can you fill out the survey, but you can also get good cashback for online shopping. Things online that you can earn gift cards for him (such as video and Internet search).

Some of the best ways to make money through Swagbucks :

  • Fill out the survey
  • To play
  • Watching videos
  • Shop online
  • Search online

This is one of my favorite survey sites to earn some extra cash. Swagbucks pays you SBS points. You deposit the SBs, then convert them into cash or gift cards. I made over $ 200 in my first few months of using it, combining all the ways to make money!

3. MyPoints

Register for MyPoints here. You’ll get a $5 bonus after your first 5 surveys.

Payment method: PayPal, gift cards, travel miles
Payout threshold: $25
Typical survey time: 10 minutes

Mypoints is also a great survey site, which is owned by the same company Swagbucks driven. You can earn points through the survey, as well as many other ways to shop, watch videos, play games, and even browse the Internet.

It has been rated Trustpilot great, user-friendly and easy to navigate website. You will immediately see how many points you earn for each survey and give you an accurate estimate of how long it will take to complete.

You can get a gift card for at least $ 3, but PayPal payments start at $ 25.

4. Inbox Dollars

Register for Inbox Dollars here. Free $5 for signing up!

Payment method: Cash via checks or Visa cash cards.
Payout threshold: $30
Typical survey time: 10-20 minutes

Inbox dollars pay cash! There is no point in converting, but cash directly into your account. Signing up is very easy: all you have to do is answer a few questions and watch a few videos that will explain to you how the website works and you’ll get $ 5 in your account!

The website is quite easy to use and easy to navigate when searching for new surveys. Generally, you can earn anywhere from $ 0.25 for a 10-minute survey to $ 50 4.50 for a more comprehensive survey.

You need to reach the $ 30 margin level before you can cash your money and you have to pay within a few weeks!

It’s pretty easy!

I have found that some surveys do not pay very much and some may be time-consuming, but inbox dollars are always timely and very reliable.

Definitely one to subscribe to!

5. Survey Club

Register for Survey Club here.

Payment method: PayPal, Amazon gift cards, Checks, etc.
Payout threshold: $20
Typical survey time: 15-20 minutes

The survey club in a website which gives access to the survey. You can connect to several other search sites, they act as an intermediary.

This is great because you’ll be able to find plenty of lots of different surveys, however, it does mean that less of the Survey Awards, the club will be slightly reduced.

The great thing about the club is the survey and focus group research study that provides access to the market.

And they can make you do anything for between $ 50 and $ 200 an hour! Once you become a member, the Survey Club will use your information to match the studies available in your area. Decide which study you want to participate in.

6. Global Test Market

Register for Global Test Market here.

Payment method: PayPal, Amazon gift cards, Checks, Starbucks, etc.
Payout threshold: $50
Typical survey time: 20 minutes

The Global Test Market is a well-known US survey site that is now available in many countries.

They will reward you with a cash payment when you reach a minimum of 1100 points ($ 50). For each survey you take, you can earn from 35-250 points (which translates to about $ 1.5 to $ 1.75 per survey).

Vouchers and Paypal payments can take up to ten business days. Even if you don’t qualify for a survey, you can still earn a few points after answering eligibility questions, which is a bonus.

Global Test Market also sends surveys that enter a reward draw instead of paying you. I really don’t think it’s worth your time, but it depends on you!

7. OneOpinion

Register for OneOpinion here.

Payment method: PayPal, Amazon gift cards, Visa Debit card
Payout threshold: $25
Typical survey time: 10-15 minutes

Signing up is quick and easy for OneOpinion – you fill in the registration form (or talk to Emily BOT), and follow the instructions.

Via email to confirm your registration with you to take a survey and you can start earning rewards!

With OnePinion you can redeem your points in cash with PayPal or send a Visa Debit Card to your address. They are the Amazon gift card option!

Most surveys pay points equal to $ 1 to $ 5 ($ 1 = 1,000 points). If you are taking a look every day, but you will quickly reach the threshold of 25,000 points.

And ONeOpinion great thing about it is, even if you’re not eligible for a review of the qualifications, they will reward you with 50 points for answering questions!

Once you 25,000 points (1,000 points = $ 1) reaches beyond them as if you’re able to take cash!

8. Vindale Research

Register for Vindale Research here and get a $1 sign up bonus.

Payment method: PayPal
Payout threshold: $50
Typical survey time: 10 minutes up to 1 hour

This is the reason why I like Vandal research studies, some of them very high salaries are up to $ 50! T

This survey is one of the more complex and it might take hours to complete, but they are a great way to earn some extra money!

Vindale is a few ways to make money:

  • Paid studies
  • Referral Program
  • Reward Mail
  • Reward Codes
  • Vindale Videos
  • Your Photos

Vandal research has been the emergence of the cash you need to make $50 and the time before Withdraw.

9. Pinecone Research

Register for Pinecone Research (Invite Only).

Payment method: PayPal
Payout threshold: $3
Typical survey time: 15/20 minutes

Pinecone an exclusive survey of research and product testing organizations. You need an invitation, as you simply will not be able to sign up on their website.

Pinecone is great, they are very generous once you gain access and you will earn $ 3 per survey, and you can also opt for product testing at any time.

Signing up is not always open, as it is tough and spots are limited. There is no guarantee that these will be open for new articles at any one time, all you need to do is click the link below.

Click here to check if you can join Pinecone Research.

10. Ipsos i-Say

Register for Ipos i-Say here.

Payment method: PayPal, Amazon gift cards, Starbucks, iTunes and more
Payout threshold: $15 for PayPal cash
Typical survey time: 15-20 minutes

Ipsos is the third largest survey-based research company in the world, and its customer survey platform accepts people from all over the world.

Most of the offers are available here for a small survey to survey only 040, where you can earn $ 1.50 From time to time they offer high-Feasibility study for an hour of your time is $ 50- $ 100.

They have a mobile app that allows you to run surveys on the go.

When you finish a survey or focus group, you will earn points instead of cash. Points vary depending on the length of the survey.

 You can redeem your points if you have at least 500 in your account, but you’ll need 1530 points to get $ 15 cash via PayPal.

You can sign up for e-mail reminders when it’s available to a new study said. Some people say that they only received a few offers, but I have been able to earn points in a few weeks, more than 950! Not so bad!

You can sign up for e-mail reminders when it’s available to a new study said. Some people say that they only received a few offers, but I have been able to earn points in a few weeks, more than 950! Not so bad!

Read my full Ipsos i-Say Review here!

11. Google Opinion Rewards

Register here for Google Opinion Rewards.

Payment method: Google Play Store Credit
Payout threshold: n/a
Typical survey time: 10-15 seconds

Google Opinion Rewards Dan was discovered several years ago and loved it!

If you use Android (tablet and mobile), Google’s opinion rewards apps, apps, games, books, music, and movies are a great way to earn credit for buying the Google Play Store.

The amazing thing with this application is that surveys take less than 10 seconds and you can make money with less than a question!

The amount you get between $ 0.10 and $ 1.00 upon completion of the survey may vary, and depends on the number of questions in the survey and the amount of time it takes to answer the survey.

When you download the free app, you can access it in your position and be able to supply some basic information about yourself. You will be notified when a new survey is available.

At the end of your study as soon as the credit is applied to your account, and after a one-year term ends. Google Play Store movies, music, books, and apps can use it to buy.

Can You Really Make Money From Online Surveys?

The short answer is yes! Brands need to know what their customers want to do! Your personal opinion is truly important: to share what you think companies will love you and will give you a cash prize!

How many surveys you’ve taken depends on how much you can earn.

If you adjust to it and have an arrangement, you can easily make $ 50 to $ 150 a month. But it will take time to get these results!

But remember, taking online surveys is not a “get rich quick” scheme!

Another great way to make money is to take part in online focus groups and market research: you can make over $150 for an hour of your time.

Check out the best free online focus groups to join here!

Which paid survey sites are legitimate?

You need to be careful about what you subscribe to online survey sites. There are some scam websites out there!
If you do not subscribe to a survey site:

  • Promise that you can make thousands of dollars per month
  • Ask you to pay
  • Your credit card details are required to join

All the survey sites listed in this article are tested and validated and I personally have tested them!

If you want to avoid being scammed, stick to this list!

Tips to maximize your time and cash with paid online surveys

If you want to make the most of cash earning with paid online surveys, then you need to follow the strategy.

By using these tips you will be able to earn $ 1,500 a year from surveys alone.

I always thought of surveys like a waste of time, but if you choose the right online survey and maximize your profits, you can actually make some cash!

This is one of my favorite evening hobbies now because my brain just needs to answer the question!


Set up a separate email account
If you subscribe to many survey sites, your inbox will be filled with new survey requests. You should set up your new email account or survey emails are not mixed with your regular email filters to ensure that your inbox will be set up.

Do refer friends
Many online survey sites give you cash or points if you mention your friends. When you register, check if there is a referral bonus. You may be able to earn more by sharing your referral link with your friends.

Keep a record
Make sure you have a record of all the survey sites you have subscribed to. Write it down every time you take a survey and cash in on a survey account. This will help you make sure you get paid and determine which survey sites are most profitable for you and worth your time.

Sign up for several online surveys

When you get started, the more you subscribe to online survey sites, the more money you are likely to make! You can find others after finding out which one works best for you!


Don’t leave money in your account

If you leave money sitting in your account for too long, you may lose it. Survey websites are not protected by any insurance like a bank. If they stop you will lose your money.

Make sure you withdraw your funds as soon as you reach the minimum desert. Some survey sites may even close your account if you have been inactive for too long! So make sure you log in from time to time, especially if you have cash in hand.

Don’t lie in surveys

Some survey sites will ask you answers to eligibility questions before you run the survey. Sometimes your age, gender and so on will not be able to take part in the survey do not tell lies, in the hope that your survey has the potential to get better! If you know the organization survey, they may cancel your entire balance!

Don’t take surveys that pay very little

Once you start tracking surveys you will be able to find out which sites work best for you. Some survey sites tell you exactly how long a survey takes and how much you can do, while others can only tell you how much you will earn but will not allow you to schedule it. Over time you will discover which one is best for your time.

Start earning cash with online surveys today!

Use these tips, subscribe to all the online surveys above and pay cash. Start earning your spare time by answering the questions today!

If you are interested in starting your own blog, check out my step-by-step guide! I’ll show you what you need to do to start a successful money-making blog!

Check out all the best sources for your blog! I find all these resources to be so valuable and I am sure they will help you as much as they have helped me.

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