“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.”

Marcus Aurelius

An alarm bell goes off. Your mind suddenly awakens to the stream of thoughts. Your eyes open slowly. Sunlight fills your home. There’s a new day ahead of you.

Every day is filled with untold possibilities and opportunities. Opportunity to start things again and make you a new one.

How do you get your morning started with the spending? According to research, how we spend our days in the first three hours or broke. If you don’t have a morning routine, I recommend making one. Write a list of habits that you will finish each morning.

A good practice in a manner that your physical, mental and emotional health benefits to your overall health will improve benefits and good habits you will feel ready to win the next day.

Did you know that the most productive time of the day took place just after waking up? The first four hours of your day are your most productive and after lunch, your energy will drastically decrease.


  • Happy
  • For me, it is less about just worrying about what to put in the day.
  • Encouragement, and in the zone.
  • Productive, my thoughts are fluid and I am then able to quickly spread the content.

Getting up early and having a rocky morning routine helps set the tone for the rest of the day.

Your Morning Routine How you set yourself up for disaster

  1. You hit the snooze and go back to sleep. You lose sleep. Research shows that returning to obstruction of sleep means restarting a completely new sleep cycle. When your alarm goes off a second time, then it awakens you in the middle of the second araiema makes you more tired.
  2. You Avoid Breakfast – Your body only conserves nutrients and protein during your sleep. You are not Iron Man / Female. I need your nutritional needs are a few favorite recipes, see Step 6.
  3. The previous night you did not drink enough water.


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I want to write a note to wake myself up. The note includes responsibilities, goals, and a positive quote for the next day to start the day in a positive way, with just a smile on my face.

For my duties, aka to-do list, I want to use the Eisenhower method. President Eisenhower believed in dividing daily operations into four different categories:

  • Instant and important (things you do right away)
  • Is important, but not urgent (that works will save you later)
  • Urgent, but not important (the things you go through to someone else)
  • Not urgent or important (tasks you will remove)

Also, make sure your house is properly set up. Wake up at the wrong clothes or dirty feet all over the desk is a sure way to start the day.

I like to put my outfit together for the next day. This is especially important if I plan to work out the next morning. And if I am already in my Yoga pants and Sneakers one less reason to, but I do not have to drill.


It is scientifically proven that every minute of deep breathing change your breathing pattern is 6-10 in our stress-response system to restore balance.
Your breathing slowly reduces anxiety and frustration, boosts energy and strengthens immunity. It will improve your mental concentration. Louis Hey my favorite meditation is here.

Avoid the stresses and the realistic potential affirmations to start your day in a possible way.

Every thought you think is creating your future. The only thing that matters is the thoughts you’re choosing to think now.

Louise Hay

It’s all about Mindset.

I suggest keeping your phone off for 30 minutes after you wake up.

Why? Social media and email. I literally make my phone to avoid the black plague.

Start your day slowly.

Open the blinds and let the beautiful sunshine days in which I am, I usually turn my eucalyptus oil to cool the air. Eucalyptus is my favorite because it was clear my sinuses and add to my room to smell like studios ?

Get your bed Sorry to sound like your mom, but properly decorating your house is like adjusting your life.

When you make your bed and brush your teeth, make sure to repeat yourself with certainty. Assurances sink into your subconscious mind and boost your self-esteem.

Here are ten positive definitions that always keep me in good stead:

  • This is the first day of my life.
  • Today marks the start of a new chapter.
  • Today I will progress towards my goals.
  • I believe in my ultimate potential.
  • I’m fulfilling my purpose in this world
  • I will achieve great things through small steps.
  • My mind and heart will be open today.
  • I release all negativity and happiness to yourself and open up the opportunity.
  • I allow myself to follow what I want.
  • I’m fierce I’m afraid I’m brave.

Make a Complimentary Someone or a Gratitude Journal

Give someone a real compliment. Praising someone can not only improve their spirit but also improve your spirit. If you do not have someone around my cat, I would like to say how much I love them and how much they are beautiful – but it’s just me, crazy cat ladies.

Many things happen in our lives that we honor. Even when you are having a dark time, it will immediately make you feel better if you take a few minutes to remind you of how amazing life is.

Believe me As a result of the increase in the other person’s feeling of your connection.

Write in a journal

I am a gratitude journal and write all the things that I’m grateful for.

If you’re feeling extra ambitious, but I made a list of goals or advise you to review the current list. During the day, some of the steps that you can take to achieve it, which will bring you to your biggest goals.

And one of the things you can do is I like to call it a “thought dump.” I spend 5-10 minutes throwing whatever I have in mind. Make sure that it is time to stop, simply enter your consciousness flows through anything.

Turn on some Relaxing Music

Keep your favorite song and some coffee for yourself – or some matching tea if that’s your thing. This is my favorite time of day. Here are two of my favorite mixes from YouTube that instantly pumped me up.


I’ve recently put together a list of podcasts that I really enjoy listening to. Podcasts’ financial freedom, money, and took positive steps to achieve happiness is a great way to learn from experts. See this post to see some of my favorites.


I would eat cereal in the morning or lay my eggs in a tortilla. However, since I started the keto diet I have cut out all the bread/carbs and I feel great.

Avocado is a great source of protein. Here are 16 ways to incorporate this delicious fruit into your breakfast. Also, you become tired routines skyambalada egg eggs for a few different ways to create ‘s
Be sure to drink plenty of water.

Waterworks wonders for your health and well-being. About 55-60% of the water in your body so your mind and body function properly in order to ensure that sufficient quantities to ensure that the drink is absolutely necessary.

Your body reduces a lot of water during your sleep so staying hydrated will eliminate any sense of sluggishness and foggy thoughts. After waking flush toxins from your system, the overnight drinking water and increase your breakage somewhat. This is to reduce stomach acidity and helps reduce symptoms helps ambalajanita

Many people put the lime in their water, the lemon acts as a ditaksaiphim agent can help maintain health and digestion, giving your body a dose of vitamin C does not mention


I read some of the time I like to eat. A lot of people watch TV in the morning but I don’t like TV. Today’s news is really bad. Shooting, hit-and-run, robbery and what is going on in the world that does not have a place of your morning routine. Let me repeat: Other people’s problems are not your own. If you are working on yourself, you’re trying to live a positive and happy.

Read a chapter from your favorite book. Some of my favorite books is to encourage:

  • Meditations by Marcus Arealus
  • The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra
  • You are a Badass by Jen Sincero


I like to walk in my yard. Working out gets some fresh oxygen in your lungs and is good for blood re-infection in your system. A morning workout to increase your energy and reduce internal doubts and tensions.


I’ve mentioned before that you have your most productive time just after waking up. Identify your most important task and start it. The morning after breakfast, I recommend you to address a difficult task. Be aware that often the hard part begins.

As you keep these events in mind, imagine yourself achieving your biggest goal for the day. Important phone calls, emails, and tasks that you need to work as they think about and with grace and confidence Imagine yourself to get things done.

It’s a good way to give yourself an easy win. Afterward, your day will feel better and brighter.

Have you heard of Pomodoro technology?

Give your tasks a break of 25 minutes and a break. In the meantime, award upward spiral of positivity and good feelings can be started. And then you also know that you know what you want and you know that your life is really the right thing.

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