Learn how to Save $1000 In a month in a planned way. Five Easy Tricks to Save More Money, Even With Low Earnings

how to save $1000 a month

Let’s see how to save $1000 a month, Most people save money. Research shows that more than 20% of working Americans say they have no savings. And what’s worse, according to this survey, 1000 can’t cover an emergency by saving 60%.

Do you know what that means?

This means that in the case of an emergency, these people have to borrow, pay for it.

And you really do not want to find me in this position. But above all, you do not want to add financial stress to your life.

This is why I have put together a list of some effective influencer tips to start saving money right now.

At the end of the day, taking personal responsibility for your money depends on you.

And whether you’re into six-figure salaries or struggling for a lower income, you can make any changes by using these strategies without feeling like you’re cutting out the strategies you find most valuable.

Tips to save money: how to save $1000 in a month

1. Don’t spend

You are suddenly walking around the mall with a friend:

An unbelievably black dress has you seen from the shop window. You know that after this, you will look like the next Kate Moss. You have to go inside …

Hold it right there.

Let’s rewind here. What happened? First, if you are trying to save money, however, is why the mall in the first place? Second: Do not spend the money.

What I mean by that is if you’re trying to save money, but you should never be imposed on the button right button.

Keep the item for at least 24 hours.

Give yourself time to evaluate each purchase each time. The best thing to do is to eliminate spiritual purchases to reduce your spending.

Ask yourself these questions before you buy it:

  • Can I live without this thing?
  • I really can not bear it?
  • I’ll actually use it?

It highlights whether you really want it or need it. By asking yourself these questions, you will be able to make smart decisions about whether or not to spend money.

If you are still thinking about the item and can afford it the next day or a few days, feel free to purchase.

2.Think about what each item really costs you

On my journey to financial independence, I discovered that there are many good reasons to live with less. 2

Every time we buy things we exchange life for our own things

Or, as Henry David Thoreau writes,

The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.

It’s time to measure the cost of things with money and start thinking: “How many hours do I have to work for this?”.

I use this technique all the time now.
If I want to buy something, but it’s worth trying to see if it’s something I just do a quick calculation:

Calculate the actual value of the hours you work. If you make $ 40,000 a year and you work 40 hours a week, you are making about $ 15 per hour
What is your age, all of us on this planet has a limited amount of time?

Given this, we must spend our money on what matters most to us. We don’t have to spend time on things that don’t give us long-term value.

The whole principle of a great book I read a while ago, whether it be your money or your life, is a great book if you are ready for a good read.

This will help you regain control of your finances and eventually start living life instead of just living it.

3. Don’t let sales tempt you We are all guilty of this.

We see an incredible offer: a minimalist vegetable harvest, which goes so well with the rest of our kitchen gadgets. Hard to say no.

But let’s talk about the truth. We will never use it? Big sales are made to persuade us to buy things we don’t need. Paying often means spending money on items we know we won’t use.

So at the time of sale, ask yourself for the item you are tempted to buy if it is full price whether you will buy it or not.

Think more:

If you were to give you money back how many things you bought in the sale, would you be heartbroken?

He thinks about that skirt you’ve got 40 dollars. How many times do you wear it? Once upon a time?

Or is that nail polish still sealed?

Because the reality is: When you don’t buy anything and make a difference in your savings account – it’s almost as if you’re paying for a reserve.

4. If you save it, move it

What should you do in the morning, you know, when you’re drinking your cup of coffee?

Check the balance of your savings account.
Whenever you save money by not buying anything, simply transfer the same amount of money you save into a separate savings account (CIT Bank has a great savings maker account that gives you up to 1.80%).

It sounds stupid, but keep it in your pocket that the amount of money being saved is a great way to ensure (and to avoid temptation).

Trying out is a scary practice at first, but it gives you a great incentive when you get into it as your savings account balance grows every day and you see the immediate results of your actions.

Trust me:

The more your savings account balance grows, the more likely you are to save – and you’ll be more likely to get stuck with it.

5. Think about your end goal

Saving money is a huge step toward greater independence and financial security. And it can be addictive.

But the really important thing to do to make sure you are stuck is to decide what you are going to do with the money next time.
And it’s important to know because:

  • Keeping a specific goal in mind will ensure that you are more likely to pursue it
  • This will help you focus on something positive in the tough days
  • Reaching that goal will give you more satisfaction

Regardless of what your goal is, write it down and remind yourself why you decided to take action in the first place.

Want to book an airplane to your dream destination? Offer to pay off? Set up an emergency fund? To buy a special gift for your loved one?

Learn how to manage your finances and these tips will help you get what you want.


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Practical tips on how to save $1000 in a month

1.Discuss utility bills, cable, banking, and Internet spending

Of course: when you leave a room or when trying to lower your thermostat one degree, you can turn off the light … but you know what I really like?

I love to be warm! My grandmother’s house is too cold in the winter, when I was younger, when I decided that was big as I would be as rich or poor, no matter what, I will not feel the cold in my room.

This does not mean, however, mean that I throw away from the window! Or pay on the response to stay warm. The reality is that I saved more than $ 300 on utilities last year. Do not lower the thermostat at all!

Even after rising electricity and gas prices year after year, I’ve been able to cut my utility bills for 5 consecutive years.

So how did I do it?

I discussed my bills, I compared prices with other companies, I found out who had the best deal. Don’t be afraid to switch suppliers. A few hours of your time can save you a few years, not thousands, dollars a few years.

  • Set an annual reminder on your calendar for one month before your cell phone contract expires, your utility deal ends, etc.
  • Search for comparable sites for better deals, and if any other company can offer you competitive rates, switch.
  • If you have any strange reason your current organization switching or love about the unsure, but their customer service calls and they give you a good plan, you can check out (and “My current plan is to afford can not” line, feel free to use )). Not giving up easily.

I’ve done this 3 times with my mobile provider and in the last 3 years, I’ve paid $ 20 for 4GB of data with $ 20 for 12GB! How to make it a win?

2.Shop smarter

Online shopping is a great thing.

Dark Ages, if you want to look for a good deal, but you have only two options:

  • Get lucky and go to a store with a discount
  • Hunting for bargains to shop from the store, you probably need to spend more money on gas than what you store

But nowadays things are much easier!

All you have to do is:

  1. Decide what product you want to buy
  2. Check for bargains

Look on websites like:

Within minutes, you can find the same item for the cheapest price.

3. Use cashback websites and applications

Nowadays it is possible to get back about 320% of everything you buy (including groceries). After you find out what you want to buy and where to buy it, just check the Cashback website and apps on where you can get the biggest cashback bonus:

Rakuten ($ 10 bonus if you sign up here) is a great app. It’s free to download and you can choose to store more than 2,000, you will be able to earn some extra money each month!

Swagbucks is one of my favorite apps for cashback. In less than a year I have earned more than $ 200! Sign up for a free $ 5 bonus.

Fetch Reward is an incredible app. As I write this, the apple store has more than 268,000 reviews, and Google Play has a score of 4.8 stars and over 1.6 votes and a score of 1.6! How much more cashback apps do you know with these Starter reviews?

By bringing rewards, scanning a grocery receipt after you shop and save thousands of popular products across the store.

Earn points on each of your scanned receipts. There are no clipping coupons, deals after the expiration or missing from storage. Just shopping, scan and save. Yes, it’s so easy!

4. Cut unused subscriptions

I know what you’re going to say: “Sarah, I have no unused subscriptions. I know exactly what I’m spending and I need them too!”

But what are you?

Here is the challenge: Login to your bank account and go through the latest 3-month statements.

Look for recurring payments and find out where your money goes.

Watch out for these things:

  • Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu
  • Gym memberships
  • Sneaky apps subscriptions
  • Pandora, Spotify
  • Magazines and newspapers
  • Software subscriptions
  • Online gaming

You’ll be surprised at what you find.

Ask yourself these questions for each subscription:

These subscriptions for what?

  • I actually use it?
  • I really like it?
  • This value for money in my savings account, meaning it looks better?

For example, last month I had fun looking at our statements (I’m such an impatient) and we found that we were still paying for a car-sharing service that we barely use. We just decided to cancel it and boom, we saved about $ 60. If I don’t enjoy watching the numbers, we will never know.

5.Reduce insurance costs

It’s the same deal as your bills. Whether we are talking about home insurance, car insurance, treatment insurance or any other type of insurance, if you get a better deal, savings can add up quickly.

Most of us have a tendency to pick a good rate to start and then never bother to shop again.

And this, my friends, the insurance companies for which to live.

They wait for you to be satisfied and then suddenly your premium starts to increase year after year until you are paid hundreds of dollars more than yourself.

Last year, we were finally able to save more than 30% on our home insurance using a broker. We live in an apartment in an old converted house. It comes with a lot of interesting but insurers with a huge price tag.

If you want to save on insurance, shop at least once a year.

You can start by comparing rates on websites like Bankrate. Bankrate’s site lets you find the lowest rates by entering just a few details, so you know where to start. Then they can start checking with other reputable insurance companies to see what they can offer you.

Including insurance, and that firms are always reviewed to confirm the validity of the tests. If they don’t cover your claim, what’s the benefit of saving 50?

6. Make more money

Sometimes we get so fixated on the idea that we don’t have enough money that we forget about one of the most powerful tips for saving money: making more money.

You can do this in several ways:

  • Discuss your salary at work
  • Start Side Hellstall (Yes, I suggest you do something else instead of watching another series on Netflix).
  • Freelance from home at your leisure, using the skills you are gaining
  • Sell ​​things you no longer use
  • Learn how to make money or earn money selling things using your creative skills
  • Take part in an online focus group and make $ 150 or more

If you want to spend a few extra hours a week just to save a bit more, you have money to spare!

Ready for the challenge?

Printable download my free $1,000 savings challenge and start today!

Let me know your challenge is how!

Stop shopping addicts become addicted to read and save!

If you’re interested in starting your own blog, but I see the step-by-step guide! I’ll show you what you need to do to start a successful money-making blog!

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