How to Make Money with Your Blog in No Time| JOLLCE

How to Make Money with Your Blog in No Time| JOLLCE

5. Use Tailwind to set your pins

For the first two months, I only used manual pinning because I didn’t want to invest too much money.

But a few weeks later, I started using a free trial of the Best Schedule website that lets you automatically re-pin your pins to your boards and group boards:

What does Tailwind actually do?

Tailwind lets you create a schedule of pins. Basically, you create a row of pins, and Telewind will pin your boards (and your group boards) to a fixed schedule all day.

Think about it this way: When you’re going out with friends for dinner or watching priapism, then pin your content is Tailwind.

What do you like?

I’m sure you’ll like it: try it for free using my link

Tailwind: If you’re tired of pinning manually, try Tailwind. This is the perfect scheduler to set up your pin strategy and make the most of your time and get the best results from Pinterest. Try it free for the first month, and for the second month in a $15 free credit!

What do you feel until you’re not paid for!

Tips: Another great group is to join Pinterest pins Simple Strategy Group. If you’re just starting out, and you’re not sure about how to contact Pinterest, there are a lot of great bloggers!

I use what goes from 3,000 page views to 10,000 pages

These are great things for you to start.

Using these tips, I have been able to get out of the first month blogging 3,000 pages.

However, it was not too much.

If I want to make money with my blog, I need to have many more page views of Pinterest. So I kept researching and everywhere I looked, everyone was offering Carly’s book Pinteresting Tricks.

Using the system in his book, Carly in a few months managed to get 200,000 pages!

Carly’s book is AMAZING and is one of the reasonably priced courses you’ll find. The best value for money there is $ 47 ($ 42 if you use discount code pinning 5).

Yet, I am not an easy-going person. I read everything I got into Pinteresting techniques before buying it. I started reading Carly’s blog, subscribed to her emails, and then decided to follow her.

Her course is what you can expect as a Pinterest prophet and more.

I wish I had bought it sooner without hesitation.

I bought her course on November 2nd, and in December (my second month of blogging) my pages have grown to over 10,000.

Pinteresting Strategies: Carly’s course at Pinterest is very helpful when you begin. It tells you what Pinterest is and how to set it up the right way.

His strategy will help you stand out from other bloggers and get thousands of page views right from the beginning. Carly has just updated his amazing course, and all the readers of my life have a lifetime 5 discount. Make sure you use the code at checkout PINNING5!

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