Hey, friend! I’m Nahid Pervez the Founder of Jollce.com I am very glad to see you on my blog! I made it make all my dreams come true and share my story Achievement with people who love to dream big!

I share healthy recipes, meal plans for weight loss, as well as give you the best Travel Tips, Travel Destinations, how to make money, DIY and crafts ideas, DIY and crafts for the home, wellness, pregnancy, yoga and meditation, fitness and workouts.

I personally appreciate your attention to me, not just my posts and the information I share. I am happy to share more about who and why I started this blog.

I have vast experience and knowledge of digital marketing, SEO, online ads, social media, blogging. And yet I’ve always been working for clients and employers and not for myself!

Being 25+ years old, I suddenly realized that enough is enough, and I don’t want to work for others anymore, I want to use my knowledge to establish my own online presence.

So, to start implementing all the experiences I started this blog Digital marketing I found on my blog and helping other Bloggers have succeeded in their projects!


I come from a typical middle-class family where I am happy with. From my childhood, I had to face a lot of financial problems The challenge. It upset me, overtime to fight my finances so much. However, after facing many challenges, Alhamdullilah, we have managed our financial situation and it became stable.

I live in ASIA forever in Bangladesh! If you have not yet seen this blessed country I recommend you start packing!

If you need to contact me for any reason,


please email me at [email protected]